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10 Tips to Keep Your Cloud Storage Safe and Secure

Cloud storage has totally made it effortless to sync files, share them, keep multitudinous versions of a file, etc. You could prefer to utilize cloud backup solutions services such as OneDrive or Google Drive for free of cost or go for a paid plan for additional features and storage.

The following content presents some tips that you simply must follow to safeguard your cloud files.

  1. Equivocate Keeping Pivotal Data

Cloud storage is always preferable, and at the same time, reliable too to get cloud backup solutions for your information accessible from anywhere. Regardless, you must not transfer sensitive and confidential data to safeguard it from any conceivable attacks.

Moreover, recently Google has announced “shielded VMs” to guard cloud servers against any sort of cloud data theft attempts or hyper jacking incidents.

  1. Reconsider Connected Apps

To automate backups in the other web services, you'll need to grant permissions to distinctive applications for the cloud storage account. To lessen such safety risk of permissions, you ought to abrogate your application's accessibility to the file storage service.

  1. Capacitate Two-Factor Authentication

Once you've got a robust password, you ought to enable two-factor authentication for an additional layer of protection on your account. A hacker won't be capable of ingressing your cloud storage accounts unless your device gets lost. The authentication code is typically actualized by the 2FA application or sent to you through SMS or email.

  1. Try to Upload Encrypted Data

Before uploading data on cloud storage, try to encrypt them to refrain from any unauthorized access to those files. Tools such as Veracrypt and Cryptomator help to encrypt files based on your need. With this method, cloud storage providers even cannot reach your files without having the master password.

  1. Oversee the Shared Files Proactively

If you've got some shared links for a few of your folders and files, you might want to sabotage it later. If you do not, a hacker or attacker can encounter the link and simply download files that you starkly don't desire to share with anyone.

  1. Always Use a Strengthened and Unusual Password

Be sure that you are using a strong password for safekeeping your account of cloud storage from any unauthorized access. Try to use a strong password that includes numbers, letters, special characters, and a combination of lower and upper case letters.

  1. Control Device Reach to Cloud Storage

If one of the devices gets lost, or you fail to remember to sign out of a public computer, it might lead to a disaster. So, to guard your account against any unauthorized access, you ought to manage the devices connected to your cloud account.

  1. Go for an EncipheredCloud Storing Service

By default, some of the foremost secure cloud storage services proffer encryption. You'll not have to do encryption locally if your hosting provider does the encryption for your files. However, this might not be the economic approach.

  1. Read Out the Policy of Service Provider

No matter how voguish a cloud storage service provider is, you just need to recheck their policies regarding services. It could be a tiresome process, but it will definitely give you enough confidence about how the cloud storage service veritably works.

      10. Always Have a Physical Data Backup

You might be thinking that cloud storage is the safest and smartest choice for protecting your data. Unfortunately, it is not. You must always have a copy of your information in physical storage just in case you fail to reach your cloud storage, be it any reason.


Cloud storage has made things quite convenient and a lot easier. All you need to avail cloud backup solutions service is a conforming internet connection. Ensure that you are proactively conscious of each and every activity associated with your cloud storage to make sure your files or data are entirely secure.

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