10 Trendy and Profitable Small Business Ideas You Can Invest in


While good ideas always bring profit, there are some career paths that are inherently more profitable than the others. So if you want to avoid huge expenses, here are ten profitable and trendy business perfect for investing.


For this job, you don’t need fancy premises or any type of super expensive equipment. Tax preparation and bookkeeping are a perfect business if you’re good with numbers and finance, and the standard rate for quality services will get you a decent salary to live on. You can do this either as a freelancer or open your own company—the choice is yours.


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If you’re confident in your cooking skills and know your way around the kitchen, why not start a catering business? Again, you won’t need any special premises for your business and you can easily operate it from home. People and companies are ready to pay well for quality food and beautiful presentation, which means you can expect a great profit if you work hard and bring innovations to the table.

Meal kits

This is an increasingly popular trend in the world, especially with busy people who have very little time to whip up healthy meals and reduce their food waste. The meal kit industry is growing exponentially and is expected to reach $10 billion only in the U.S. by 2020. What you can provide your clients with is meal kits with pre-chopped and measured ingredients allowing them to just do final preparations and enjoy their freshly made meals. People usually get to choose from a variety of recipes, dietary requirements and calorie restrictions.


Gourmet coffee shop

If coffee is more your thing, you can try your hand at a gourmet coffee business. If you think your lattes, espressos and cappuccinos can’t compete with Starbucks, think again! Many people are moving away from big chains and giving their money to small entrepreneurs with high-quality products. If you pick a good location, ensure a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and serve high-quality specialty coffee prepared by trained baristas, you’re bound to be packed with customers every day.

Cleaning services

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Basically, all you need in order to start your cleaning business is some gear, good cleaning products and plenty of love for cleanliness. With pretty low overhead and nearly zero training required, cleaning can be a very profitable job to invest in. While starting your business from scratch isn’t too difficult either, if you don’t want to go all-in yourself, there are various cleaning service franchise opportunities that are available. This will give you a nice jump-start to success!

Web design

A good website is a window to any modern business, so experienced, quality and creative web designers are still in high demand. Again, this is also a business that has low expenses and brings high profit.

Logo design

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If you have a great eye, you can get into logo designing. People are willing to pay a tidy sum for something original, while you’ll be able to avoid an expensive overhead. However, this is something that requires creativity and technical knowledge (plus the web design and logo design markets are filled with some very talented people) so if you lack both, this might not be a job for you.

Online tutoring

If you have any talent other people might need, try online tutoring. You can help people with everything from math to English and instrument playing. Thanks to its exceptionally low expenses, this job is a great way to earn an income. However, you really have to be good at what you teach and have good people skills in order to succeed.

Home renovations

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If you have construction in your blood and love doing all kinds of updates and home renovations, why not turn your hobby into a lucrative business? Statistically, an average homeowner in the USA spends around $3000 a year on various home improvements. This generates plenty of money for carpenters, painters, plumber, electricians and other tradespeople. But, if you ask anyone who needs renovations for their home, they will tell you that finding and booking a good contractor isn’t an easy job. This means experts are always in demand, even in uncertain economic times.

Senior care

This business opportunity continues to be one of the best year after year. Why? Let’s check out demographics. First baby boomers retired in 2011 and the entire generation will have reached the age of 65 in little more than 10 years. Generally, baby boomers are a wealthy generation that can afford to maintain their lifestyle even during the old age. Many choose to stay at home and seek senior care helpers, which is something where you come in. If you have good people skills, are competent and skilled, you can develop a great business. This job opportunity is especially attractive to people with medical training, which can open doors to new clients.

Starting your own business will be the first step to total independence for you, so don’t be afraid to dive into one of these careers. If you keep your focus, you’re bound to succeed.