10 Ways to Build Your Small Business


If you have taken the step of opening a small business, you are probably wondering about the best ways you can manage and build your company. It can be incredibly rewarding to watch your business grow and improve over the years through your hard work and sacrifice. Here are ten ways to build your small business.


1. Focus on People

People will always be the backbone of your business. Your customers are what makes your business successful, so making them feel valued is key. Know the demographics and buying habits of your customer base so that you can tailor your marketing to them. You should also give your team the ability to easily and effectively fix customer service issues. 


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2. Invest in Effective Marketing

Companies like Peter Dodge Hanover Research know that marketing is key to a successful business. If you only invest in one aspect of your business, it should be marketing and branding. Your business is more likely to do well if you have a strong brand, a good reputation and a loyal customer base. These are all things that can be achieved with an effective marketing plan. 


3. Build a Strong Team

Your business is only as strong as your team. Knowing what you want your company culture to look like can go a long way towards hiring people who will be respectful, innovative and efficient. Encourage your employees to network with each other and collaborate on projects. This leads to greater creativity and a team mindset.


4. Set Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Know what you want your company to look like in one year, five years, ten years and twenty years. Then make a plan that can help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals. 


5. Embrace Change

You should always be aware of the trends in your industry and be prepared to pivot if necessary. Do your research about your competitors and the way your field is changing.


6. Utilize Social Media

While are you are probably already on social media, you should continually look for ways to optimize the way you use it for your business. Choose one or two platforms to focus on and create quality content. This could be anything from funny memes to behind the scenes videos. You should post at least a few times per week to keep your brand visible. Make sure that you notify your customers of any sales or discounts.


7. Host Events

Hosting events boosts your visibility in the community and increases goodwill. It's a great form of public relations. Be creative when it comes to events. Depending on your industry, this could include a wine tasting, book signing, product launch, networking event, seminar or holiday party.


8. Network

Networking with other business owners can be a great way to build your business and learn from other successful entrepreneurs. Nurture relationships with people who may be able to help you and are in a position to refer customers to your business. You may also want to join the local chamber of commerce. Chambers of commerce can help businesses save money while raising visibility within the community.


9. Remember to Be an Employee

If you have any questions about why a product is not selling or your business is not successful, work on the front lines for a day. Observe your customers' buying habits and notice the way that your team interacts with them. You may be able to quickly figure out ways to adjust your business model to make your company more successful.


10. Give Back to the Community

Finally, a great way to build awareness of your brand is to participate in a community event or sponsor a good cause. The more visible you can be, the more likely you are to attract new customers.



There are many ways you can build your business. You don't need to tackle everything at once. Put just one or two of these ideas into practice to help your business grow.