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10 ways to double up your leads using the right SEO techniques

Traffic is an important concern when it comes to getting leads. More the traffic, higher will be the conversion rate. But how to double up your traffic? Getting visibility is the primary thing one needs to focus on. Now to get this visibility, your website should appear on the first page of top search engines. Around 75% of the users stay on the first page of Google itself and do not browse the second page. This means if your website appears on the first page you are bound to get traffic. 

Traffic comes from the search query. When any user has a query related to your product, service or business you need to satisfy them completely. Mere having SEO knowledge is not essential you need to bond with your customers and gain their trust. Also, you have to stay tuned with all the changes, newer SEO techniques 2021, and updates on Google algorithms. If you keep following them and integrate it smartly you ought to get wonderful results. So traffic is definitely the key to any business as traffic is converted into leads. 

A lot of people look forward to proven strategies to double up their traffic. They need stuff that works for them. So if you are one of the business owners who got stuck with their limited traffic and wish to boost it, you have come to the right place. Today we will be talking about the numerous ways as proved by Freelance SEO Consultant and that can help you to increase the traffic and get a good amount of leads too.

So let us get started.

  1. Analyse quality and quantity of the content – Content has and will always be the king. A well-crafted blog post is sure to give you huge traffic. But quality and quantity go hand in hand. You need to have a balance of both the things to get the most out of it. Make sure the blog has everything the users are looking for, along with the right selection of the keywords and good back-linking. Try to work on interesting contents that will grab the attention of the people and will be useful for them too. So quality and quantity can actually fetch you positive outcomes.
  2. Keyword relevancy – The next aspect to look into is how relevant your keywords are. Give yourself enough time to research on the keywords. There are countless tools which can be used to decide your keywords according to their competition and relevancy. Usually, long-tail keywords are quite fruitful in this concern ad are easy to target as well. So work on your keywords and then try using them in different ways. A wrong keyword can spoil your SEO approach thereby taking your website to a lower position on the search engine.
  3. Optimised landing pages –Now this is very crucial as optimised landing pages can make a huge difference to the traffic. Just having an appealing landing page will not work as it has to be SEO optimised for improved results. This can be achieved by having a powerful content along with a call to action. If these two points are present on the landing page, your user will stick to the page and look for more information. 
  4. Responsive web design – In today’s time mobiles have become the biggest sources to browse the internet and therefore your site needs to be user as well as mobile-friendly. Integrating a responsive web design can be a good idea as it will allow users to enjoy a hassle-free experience of surfing your site via mobiles and other gadgets. About 60% of the traffic comes from mobiles so this can be a big game-changer for you.
  5. Internal linking – This is the best way to keep your users on your website for a long time. With the help of internal linking, you can take the users to different parts of your website thereby giving a lot of information to them. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that the right internal linking is done so that users reach the desired pages. In this way you can benefit a lot and also the content looks much more organised which is an added advantage. So both your new and old posts can be trending because of the proper internal linking.
  6. Measure your SEO performance – One needs to measure their performance and analyse the various aspects. You need to have answers of many questions like what content was engaging for the users, which pages were most and least visited, which keywords were used to reach your website or web pages etc. Understanding your performance and having a clear idea can give you an insight into better SEO. So time to time analysis is a must for any good and flourishing business.
  7. Understand your competition –Understanding what your competitors are doing can be advantageous for you in a number of ways. You not only get new ideas but a source of inspiration too. This gives you the motivation to work better and try new things. So analysing your competitors can be one of the biggest aspects you should look into. There is nothing wrong in doing so as competition analysis results in business growth and newer opportunities.
  8. Using new strategies – As per the new and latest SEO techniques and trends in 2021, incorporating fresh ideas is the key. Sticking to the old concepts may not be as fruitful as the current SEO techniques. Use of YouTube, socialmedia platforms, email marketing etc are some amazing ideas to go for. That is why you need to continuously upgrade yourself with all the latest happenings, search engine algorithms and lots more. In this way, you can easily hit the right track and reach the first page of the search engines.
  9. Giveaway freebies – This is certainly a great start to get new customers. Giving away freebies can be beneficial not only in getting traffic but fetching new users too. It proves to be a superb start for any business and can give you a way to reach out to more people. 
  10. Use of infographics –A lot of people do not understand the use of infographics and neglect it. Infographics are good as it makes you understand even the complex things. So creating a decent infographic can work for you. One needs to focus on the information as well as the graphics. If any of them is missed your infographic may fail. Just appealing design will not work if it is without the info. Similarly, only info is of no use unless supported by captivating graphic design. 

So these are the ten ideas you can look into when facing traffic issues towards your website. These ideas are simple to implement and once done, you can enjoy a huge amount of traffic which can be transformed into leads and high ROI. 

Hope you like the information. Feel free to share your views and even pour your suggestions on what other things can be done to increase your traffic and that too in a cost-effective way. Click On Business and read more articles.

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