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10 ways to massively increase Instagram followers in 2019

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Instagram has quickly become the most favorite social network of the netizens. Instagram has changed its algorithm that makes it harder for marketers to up their Instagram game by increasing massive following. We have gathered some tips that could help you to entice your target audience and increases the chances to get a number of followers. Here’s how to get followers on Instagram.

How to get Followers on Instagram:

Here we will talk about some organic ways to boost your post engagement that in turns give you a plenty of followers. You can also prevent from getting shadow banning on Instagram using the following ways. Moreover, they are also helpful in successful marketing campaigns. Let’s dive in!

  1. If you are using personal account then switch to business accounts. Because Instagram offers you a lot of benefits on business accounts. You can track the performance of your posts using IG analytics.
  2. Complete your bio because it defines who you are and what you are offering on this account. When people visit you, they read your bio and decide whether follow you or not. You can increase your website traffic through your profile bio. Add the link of your website or other social profile and people will likely to click on this link and visit your site or blog.
  3. Embed your Instagram post in your blog post. It is a good way to increase views and get new followers.
  4. Be social because when you connect with people, it will increase your credibility and build a good brand image. Like the comments of your fans and respond to their every comment.
  5. Reach out some mega bloggers and ask them to feature your post in their blog post or article. People are more likely to click on the post and follow you as well.
  6. Become a storyteller because everyone love to read or listen to stories. Write your caption in the form of story and ask questions that get you to involve your followers with the post.
  7. Use the rear camera rather than a front camera to taking a selfie because people want to see high-quality photos. Blurry photos are often overlooked by the users.
  8. If you are brand, spread your message through the branded hashtag. You can create it with the name of your product or company and encourage the users to share your post. It will increase your brand exposure and credibility.
  9. Keep your images bright and clear to boost the engagement. Take photos with the right angle and adjust their brightness. You can use filter and editing tools to make your photo more appealing. Use natural light when you take photos.
  10. Don’t forget to mention or tag your loyal followers, mega bloggers, brands and influencers in your posts and instaboostgram.com. When you tag them, Instagram gets them notified and there are more chances that they will visit your profile. But don’t tag them in the caption, tag them in your photo.
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