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10 Ways You Can Win Your Dream Job in 3 days

As Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  But is it really easy to get that job you love? With the current rate of unemployment, many people do not have the luxury of attaining their dream jobs.

Don’t lose hope. You can still land your dream job in just three days. It all depends on how you play your cards. It doesn’t matter whether you are currently employed or not, whether you want to be a programmer or an SEO expert.  Here are ten reasons that this is possible:

1. Focus on hard skills

By focusing on hard skills, you can increase your chances of landing that precious job. Studies indicate that 55 percent of hiring managers prefer hard skills over personality when hiring. The rapidly changing technology landscape and a persisting skills gap make it more important for businesses to find people with the specific skills they need to deliver results.

Your potential employer will appreciate if you can demonstrate that you have these skills. Even if you are a seasoned professional, you need to keep up with new skills that are relevant to your field. There are many free and low-cost online learning platforms that you can take to broaden your range of hard skills.

2. Be the change the employers want to see

With the constantly changing business landscape, employers are looking for individuals who are innovative. For a business to remain active, it must not allow itself to be overtaken by the current trends. About 72 percent of hiring managers believe that millennials are open to change; 66 percent believe they are creative, and 65 percent believe they are adaptable. 

If you are a millennial, take advantage of these perceptions. Show your potential employer that you are exactly who the company wants. Show them that you are the answer to the company’s problems. Play up your “digital native” talents to spur innovation. Remember that companies are hungry for new ideas, and if you can come up with unique and viable ideas, they will have no reason to not hire you. Channel your inner Disney and bring some new ideas to the table.

3. Prove you’re a team player

Most of us are familiar with the concept of synergy, but it is difficult to put into words. We all have heard people saying that “one plus one is more than two.” But what do they actually mean? In simple terms, it means that when people combine their resources, efforts, and talents, the result will be more than the sum of the individual’s capabilities. When people work together toward a particular goal, they will achieve more than if each is individually pursuing his or her own interest. Employers are aware of this trait. Show your potential employer that you are a team player, and he or she will not look elsewhere.

4. Show that you are a "loyalist" 

All employers want people who are loyal to their company’s values. If you are able to show your potential employer that you have passion and interest in the organization, they will consider your application. Simply showing that you can be a dedicated employee will make the potential employer look at you with favor.

5. Consider alternative paths

Many people land their dream jobs through different routes. You do not need to rely on one path. People are used to waiting until a company advertises a position. They then apply and wait to see if they are lucky enough to be shortlisted for an interview. 

This route is usually congested and may make you miss that golden opportunity. Why not book an appointment with the human resource manager and if granted, explain to him or her why you are interested in the company and what you can offer. You never know, they might have been seeking. You might be the person with the skills he or she wants.

6. Offer to work for free.

Some of the most successful professionals started their careers by pinpointing the company they wanted and offering their services without pay. This is an easy way of landing that dream job. If you are still young and don’t have much financial responsibility, you can consider this route. By offering to work for free, the management will know that you are not concerned about money. If you manage to get such a chance, do your best. Working for free doesn’t mean that you do a shoddy job; after all, your goal is to land that job. If an opportunity arises in that organization, you will be picked to fill it.

7. Become a brand advocate

One of the best ways to get a company to notice you very quickly is to become an advocate for the brand on social media. If you feel strongly about the brand and are socially savvy, engage in a conversation about the company on your blog. In the course of doing this, you need to be genuine and share real experiences or insights that are of value to others. In your arguments, be an expert and demonstrate your passion for the brand. Don’t be surprised if you get a call or an email from the company. Before you know it, you will have an offer.

8. Know how you impact the bottom line

Managers and business owners are focused on the bottom line. They want to know what results and outcomes the company will experience if you work there. They don’t care about the tasks you perform as much as they care about what happens as a result of you performing them. 

Try to convince the potential employer that your presence in the company is something they need. Are you able to solve their pressing problems? Can you improve their operational efficiency and eliminate bottlenecks? Can you increase sales and reduce costs?. These are some of the things the management may want to see your answer in the affirmative. You must also demonstrate that you are able to achieve them.

9. Prepare and present a professional resume

Your resume should be brief but detailed enough to tell your potential employer as much as they would want to know about you. Include all the jobs you have held, even if they appear to be irrelevant. Do not over-decorate your résumé, but make it simple, neat, and presentable. The resume should focus on the skills related to the job you are seeking.

10. Sharpen your interview skills

When you are lucky enough to be called for an interview, ensure that you are prepared. Hone and practice your interview skills so you don’t panic when you are being interviewed. Many people fail to secure their dream jobs just because they fail the interview process. Your attire and body language during the interview should portray you as someone who is mature.

If you can implement all of the above, you will not miss the opportunity you seek. Remember, opportunities knock only once. If you miss them, you may never have a second chance.

Usman Raza
Usman Raza
Usman Raza is the co-founder of a Christian Social Media Agency and marketing strategist working with various brands online. Usman is the content marketing manager at Email Marketing Agency in Los Angeles, Convert Design to WordPress, and Nano Hearing Aids. He is devoted to helping small businesses bridge success gaps by providing in-depth, actionable advice on digital marketing, SEO, and small business growth. Follow him on Twitter @usmanintrotech.
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