10 Web Applications That Can Be Built With WordPress


Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress, predicted the use of WordPress as an app engine during his speech at the State Of The Word 2012.

His predictions are already coming true a time when WordPress has grown beyond just a 'blogging platform' to become a tool for the development of several web applications.

In fact, in one of his articles, Matthew Eppelsheimer, co-founder of Rocket Lift, shows how his team uses WordPress as an app engine tool.Remove WordPress Malware will make sure about your database area is clean and secure

The thing is, redirect WordPress, a content management system (CMS), is not only designed for bloggers but is also a useful tool for web app developers. And in this article, we will explore 10 web applications that can be built with WordPress.

10 Web Applications That Can Be Built With WordPress

  1. Pressbooks:

Pressbooks is user-friendly publishing software that helps authors and publishers professionally create books in a ready-to-publish format.

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With Press books, you can create beautiful designs for all kinds of books like white papers, academic texts, novels, nonfiction, memoirs, and much more. Additionally, Pressbooks helps users to deliver great books that are compatible with various ebook stores, like Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, and Nook.

The Pressbooks web app is a useful tool for authors to self-publish their books without hiring professional graphic designers and ebook developers.

  1. Train.rs:

Train.rs is a business management platform for online personal trainers. It is built with WordPress, and it offers hosted websites to users. In addition to the hosted site, there is a customized administration panel designed for clients. The panel embodies essential administration tools like billing information and a training schedule.

Train.rs is an excellent WordPress web app that makes it easy for professional personal trainers to connect with their clients. It also provides a medium where experts can launch and grow their brands.

  1. StudyChurch:

StudyChurch is a WordPress web app developed as an engagement forum for individuals seeking ways of studying the Bible daily. This elaborate bible study engagement forum has a user-centered design where users can create customized study materials, discuss answers and collaborate at a group level.

One exciting feature of the StudyChurch web app is that it's built with other premium WordPress plugins, like BuddyPress

  1. Hello Bar:

Hello, Bar is designed with custom plugins and themes. The Hello Bar platform is created as a Software as a service (SaaS) that enables website owners to build an email list, monetize their websites and also monitor campaigns.

You are provided with ways of performing active content promotion aimed at driving more subscribers to your website.

Details on how the SaaS platform was developed can be found here. This excellent platform further shows the latent potential embedded within WordPress.

  1. Nomadbase:

Nomadbase is an app designed for digital nomads. Data from the user's social media handle are used to show the user's precise location.

Networking is encouraged amongst digital nomads through the display of the past, present and future position of each user. The Nomadbase WordPress app is powered by the REST API, and it's a valued travel tool for all digital nomads.

  1. Focused On Fit:

Focused On Fit is built on WordPress, and it serves as an online fitness community that helps you monitor your diet, create an exercise routine and track yourself as you indulge in healthy activities.

This online community has a database of recipes and foods. Nutritional facts are also found in this platform to help you get valued information as you undergo rapid body transformation by exercising regularly.

Additionally, the REST API is used to pull the stored data into apps on mobile devices. The user management and social aspect of the app make it a good WordPress use case.

  1. YouTooCanRun:

YouTooCanRun is a WordPress platform that aids in the management and organization of marathon races. The platform is built with WooCommerce and Event Espresso plugins. With the sole purpose of promoting running for good health, YouTooCanRun encourages people to live a better life.

  1. Happy Tables:

Happy Table is a web app that enables users to create and design their restaurant websites. Like several other drag and drop websites, this platform offers restaurant owners customized ways of building a stunning website by performing a simple drag and drop actions.
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  1. Piklist:

Piklist is a WordPress web app primarily designed for business owners, web developers, and other individuals seeking ways of building a stunning website.

Piklist is a highly customizable web app that helps you to build a website from scratch with little coding. If you're thinking of building with WordPress, then you should make use of Piklist.

  1. Yatramantra:

Yatramantra is a platform that serves as a travel guide for all tourists seeking to explore Kerala. The planner site was developed with WordPress, AngularJS, and WooCommerce.

Several packages are offered, and a mobile app is also available to keep users engaged.

Should You Build Web Applications With WordPress?

If you want to develop custom web applications and you have experience creating plugins or themes using WordPress, then you should probably build your web apps using WordPress as a framework.

Though WordPress may have some lapses, its beauty lies in its flexibility and your ability to strip out what you don't want and modify the app to fit your needs.

WordPress is more than just a platform for bloggers. It has grown to become one of the leading frameworks for web app developers. And you can tap into this framework by building your app without going through the dynamic coding process.