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11 Creative Ways to Use a TikTok Resume to Get Hired

TikTok announced a program to allow users of the video-based social network, TikTok, to submit their resumes to find jobs. The only hitch is that many people are confused about how this will work and what they should do with these videos once uploaded for employers who want them.

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Many young adults have found success using video platforms such as YouTube or Facebook Live Video. Still, if you're looking for job opportunities beyond entertainment on one platform, then we've got good news: You can now upload resume videos directly onto Tik Tok's mobile app and website.

Tik Tok is a mobile video app that was created in China and has gained rapid popularity with younger demographics here in the U.S. Tik Tok (a k a Douyin) has over 500 million users and sees almost 90 million daily active users on the platform – including 65% of those between the ages of 18-24 (1). Advocates of the platform say TikTok allows you to use your videos more creatively than other platforms.

The best part about Tik Tok for job seekers: it's widely used among young people, so if you're looking to market yourself to a more youthful audience, this may be the place for you!

Creating a TikTok Resume may be easier than you think…but branding yourself effectively is often much harder than it looks.

So I've put together 11 tips to create a TikTok Resume that will help you get more interviews and ultimately be hired faster.

1. Add an introduction to the video and let viewers know what you're looking for.

2 . Talk about what makes you awesome and why they should hire you!

3. Include short clips of yourself in a variety of situations, such as holding different types of objects or doing various activities

4. Show off your skills by showing how well you can do something like cooking, coding, dancing, creating content, or tech talent related to the job you're applying for.

5. Show your personality through captions with words and phrases that are unique to who you are. But also include pics of yourself that help the hiring manager envision you in the position you are applying for.

6. Create a slideshow with all the videos and upload it onto YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn so people can find the link easily in their search engine results and social media feeds.

7. Add notes on what you like about each job so people can get a better idea of what you're looking for in the future

8 Ask questions by adding comments underneath your video. Responding back with answers will boost engagement and viewers' trust in who you are as a person

9. TikTok also has filters that can make videos stand out even more from other TikTok users who may be looking at your resume

10. Add relevant hashtags in the caption beyond just #hireme. Use local hashtags to your area, pertinent hashtags to the position/s you are applying for in the caption so that companies can find you.

11. Do an ask me anything Q&A in the comments about your industry or job type to show off your knowledge!

A recent development in hiring is that many employers prioritize speed and efficiency over a candidate's personality. TikTok Resumes aims to bring humanity back into the process by emphasizing interviews, fostering creativity, and embracing individuality at every stage of the employment journey with their company culture.

Many companies have been focusing on efficiently recruiting candidates for jobs through fast-paced automated processes like resume scanning or reading resumes without any human intervention (i.e., using an AI).

However, there has also been pushback from job seekers who want more personal interactions when applying for positions, so it doesn't feel like another "black box" experience. You never know what awaits inside until after your interview about how apps work nowadays often. TikTok has been trying hard to change that.

I reached out over email to recruiting industry media pundit and CEO of AkkenCloud, Giridhar Akkineni, about the future impact of video resumes. "Traditional resumes have become boring but necessary, and it is the standard that most companies expect. But, we have come across several success stories where people have created creative video resumes and landed themselves jobs with them; something TikTok is hoping to help more often," said Giridhar Akkineni, staffing and recruiting industry pundit and CEO of AkkenCloud, about the video resumes and their future impact.

Will your company begin accepting TikTok Resumes at any point during your hiring process?

Just comment your opinion in the comment box!

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