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11 Reasons Why Linux Is Better Than Windows

Why Linux Is Better Than Windows


If the power of an operating system does matter to you and you want a less powered operating system than choosing windows over Linux might be a good option and if you want the easiest operating system in the market then also windows might be a great option.

In both of the scenarios, windows are coming on top and yes it would as it is the most used and preferred operating system around the globe. The thing is because of hard interface not everyone could coupe with Linux and thus they tend to fall for the Windows option.

But according to us, Linux is considered to be better and cutting edge rather than windows. Why? We are going to discuss that in this article.

Let’s get started with with a complete guide on Linux vs. Windows

Reasons to choose Linux over Windows

Reasons to choose Linux over Windows:


01- Open Source Nature:

I know there are some gray areas where Windows is considered to be open source and it is but when it comes to the classification of open source then there is no other operating system that has such versatility in open source than Linux.

Consider this I will take a car as an example to help you understand how much open-sourced is Linux than Windows. Consider a car that you just bought and the seller will not allow you to see what is hidden under the hood. Same is the case with Windows you can drive it but when it comes to configuration of Windows you are blinded.

On the other hand, with a Linux operating system, you are exposed to its source code. Yes! I haven't mistaken it you can view the source of this operating system. And you can even tweak a bit to enhance it according to your preference. So, when it comes to open source than which one is better Linux or Windows. This checks a box now we have just started there are further reasons that will convince you to help you with your debate.

02- Security:

You might think that this may be one factor that windows can win but you never know right? When it comes to security take the car example again, the car has a locking mechanism but you have to lock it manually like in a traditional way right to protect yourself in the car.

Same is the case with Windows, yes the security is available but you have to download it separately yo make sure that you are safe from hackers and attacks. For sure Windows is considered to be Vulnerable in every aspect of cybersecurity. That's why most of the police work and operating system that is installed in federal departments use Linux as their main operating system.

I'm not saying Linux is not vulnerable yes it is but as the car with armored central locking mechanism is also vulnerable at some point. Linux has a DNA fixed to just direct and focus on security levels and threats.

In Windows, you download the anti-virus but in Linux, you have the anti-virus you are just placing it in right place.

So, when it comes to security then Linux is way more secured than any of the operating systems especially Windows.

03- Optimization of Usability:

I know Windows is a mess to work for when it comes to optimized updates. Since the release of Windows 10 many users of the Windows operating system had to upgrade their systems to run that operating system is that fair.

Why do you have to install hundreds of dollars of an update just to make sure that you are running the latest and the greatest version of Windows? According to me this is wrong, and yes it can be optimized to work on the lower end but the performance wouldn't be that great as it should be.

On the other hand, when we take Linux into consideration then this operating system has a technology that can be optimized to work on low-end systems. And when I mean low end then it means the low end. But it does not mean that you want Linux latest version on your 256mg ram system but for that Linux distribution provides Puppy Linux so that you can make sure that you are using Linux in your system capability.

So, when it comes to versatility them Linux offers all of it in optimization factor this it can be great for several uses and day to day tasks.

04- Best for Programmers:

As I said it is an open-source program right? So, it provides several feasibilities to various programmers either want to learn or want to work. In all cases, Linux should be the perfect option to go for if you are a programmer.

Why? The support of Python, C/C++, Java, Perl, Ruby, etc. It can be enough for you to have the desired project supplements and done with it and all of this is provided by Linux. With that, the support of various programs that you can use to program which are not even supported by Windows can be used with Linux.

It also can help you get your servers to run faster with the management support of SSH. Thus it means this can be a perfect operating system for a programmer.

05- Software Updates:

Windows rules out any update when they see a problem that is escalating out of their hands. Or something major is messed up and to fix it they would rule out various updates that can fix it if not then your memory will be filled and again you have to upgrade. Do you see the pattern here?

On the other hand with Linux this os, not the case as yes they rule out updates when there is a problem but even a single minor problem is acknowledged by them and to fix it update is used. But with Linux, you won't see many updates they only read the problem and then set an update to fix it.

Unlike Windows, you are bound to update 10 times in one week. So, in the update category, Linux takes the ball in its court.

06- Customization:

Again it comes down to the open-source factor as it is open-sourced thus it is infinitely customizable. Apart from different themes that you can select you can also have beautiful and pleasing icons that can be displayed in a style that you have chosen. This customization ks extreme and in this factor widows come no way near to it.

07- Distribution Game:

I know that windows have different packages and plans for different occasions but that is not enough like in Windows there is a different Business plan that you can use for a limited activation time. Then there is a plan that offers you some added features and them comes the home that you can easily use for lower pricing.

With Linux you will get a variety of flavors to choose from for different set of work sure as: you can use Linux distributions for hackers which is strictly usable and understandable by hackers, then comes the Linux distributions for programmers which can be used and understood by programmers, then there is a Linux distribution that is for running on old computers and one version from this I discussed above named Puppy Linux.

See the variations that you are getting a different distribution for every purpose. Isn't that worthy of trying out?

08- Free Usability:

The best part about Linux is that it is free to use. Yes! You read it right or there is no grammatical error this platform is free to use. Unlike Windows, you don't have to pay $125-$250 for just using their services yes you are getting this platform free.

Not only that you might think it won't be activated and you have to pay for the activation. That is not the case you can get a completely and fully activated version of Linux for free. Isn't that great right? Well, they care for the users and another thing is that it is free because it is open source.

09- Affective Community Support:

As I said, they care for their users the community of Linux users is expanding day by day and the community basis is great. The support that they provide to one another either you are stuck at some.point while using Linux or there is a problem with your OS they will be there for help. So, you are not alone in this there is a better and supportive Community behind Linux.

10- Reliability:

I hoped that this would be the factor in which Windows will come out on top but no in is the category it loses the position where it was. Why? You might wonder. Because of the reliability of Windows is much less that of Linux. And I don't say anything without proof.

If you are a windows user then you might have experienced any crash or sluggish usability this is because Windows has a time period and after a while, you need to uninstall it and then reinstall it again for better usability and reliability.

But with Linux, you will have the confidence of a God that it will run without any disturbance. But you will have the support of Linux to work efficiently. Why? Because of the optimization whenever your system slows down or has some issue then Linux operating system will optimize itself to work under those conditions thus it won't crash or slow down.

11- Privacy:

Privacy has been the concern of every person and user since the technological era has started and Microsoft and Windows take full advantage of that as you will see every privacy settings turned on when you buy or install windows. They are turned on by default.

On the other hand, this ks not the case with Linux it completely respects your privacy and will have you turn on what you need at the time. Thus being more good in privacy than Windows.



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