12 Direct Mailing Services For Your Small Business


Direct mailing may seem like a thing of the past because email and SMS have surpassed the physical mail, but according to some stats, more than 187 million pieces of first-class mails get delivered by the United States Postal Service each day. It means many Americans still enjoy checking their mailbox every day. 

You can send postcards, brochures, and other printed items to hundreds, if not thousands, of existing and potential customers using direct mailing services. Receiving a physical copy makes more impression even in today's fast pacing time. Also, if you want to reach a specific demographic or zip code then L & D offers a full DIRECT mail service through them you can generate a direct mail list for that subset of the population. You can later purchase or rent such lists and use it for a direct mail marketing campaign. 


As a result, many businesses campaign can generate five times more purchases than email campaigns. In this blog, we have mentioned, the top 12 direct mailing services that can boost your small business.


1 Print Label and Mail:


Print labels and mail will grant you all the significant aspects that you require. You can create an effective direct mail marketing campaign from one place to another. Just let the service provider know your goals, and they will create a custom program design that will be cost-effective plus ROI generating.


2 PsPrint:


If you need a convenient, fast, and affordable approach, then PsPrint is the right choice. As a small business, you can design and print professional-looking mail to attract potential customers and overall audience. All you need to do is place your order, attach your artwork to the mailing house. Once the order reaches the target market, soon, you will start receiving the quality inquiries.


3 Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM):

If your business is having a sale, offering deals, or sending out flyers, menus, or postcards to the right customers, then choosing EDDM from the US Postal Service is the sound decision. EDDM online tool allows you to map out ZIP codes, add neighborhoods, and filter by age, income, or household size, to ensure you target the right people. Advertisers, particularly within the small business sector, can benefit from MyCreativeShop's EDDM guide to launch turnkey direct mail campaigns to targeted local neighborhoods – driving increased awareness and sales.


4 Cactus Mail:


Cactus mail can offer you a free, no-obligation marketing plan with tracking options so you can trace your direct mail campaign effectiveness. This feature allows you to tweak and improve the campaign so you can reach the right customers, and since it is free, it fits right on to your budget.


5 Click2mail:


With Click2mail, you can send eye-catching and personalized direct mail promotions and campaigns in the form of postcards, letters, notecards, booklets, flyers, rack cards, and more. Click2mail's simple-to-use service can also automatically send across the PDFs as postal mail without the need for coding.


6 Vistaprint:


Vistaprint is a useful service for small businesses that are seeking to avoid reaching the wrong customers. It lets you target audience using different demographics that can get filtered based on age, gender, and income. This all-in-one postcard mailing service also allows you to design your postcard.


7 Mail Shark:


If you are a small business owner looking to pinpoint specific demographics rather than catering to the whole neighborhood unnecessarily, then Mail shark is the right choice. With it, you can take advantage of custom design and unlimited reservations, direct mail printing, flexible payment options, in-house USPS mail verification, and postage and delivery confirmation.


8 Postcard Mania:


Postcard mania offers multiple ranges of customization options and has speedy production and shipping time. This service allows you to track industry-specific customer campaigns by creating the best email marketing strategy.


9 Next-Day Flyers:

By using Next day flyers, you can get same-day printing; this allows you to send flyers or postcards to the customers who matter to your business without any process delays.


10 Ldmailmasters.com:


By choosing ldmailmasters.com, you get a one-stop solution for every direct mail campaign needs. L & D offers a full DIRECT mail service where they will take care of the design, print, and mail. Later they will mail the products you require to ensure your brand reaches the right people.


11 Modern Postcard:


The modern postcard will help your small business to grow through customized direct mail marketing campaigns. You can collaborate with in-house design and print specialists to develop the direct mailing products for your brand.


12 US Mailing House:


Being a small business, it happens that the employees and the owners get strapped with some or other work. In such stances, the US mailing house takes care of everything for you. The service provider's team of direct mail experts will help you create professional direct mailing products designed to resonate with your target mailing list.


Bottom Line


Although many conventional ways are outdated when it comes to promoting the business, direct mail will always remain prominent among every customer. This type of marketing is hard to ignore, as it demands interaction. If brochure, pamphlets, discount coupons, and other ways to reach the customers get appropriately designed, it will stand out in a sea of digital noise.

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