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12 Inspiring Small Business Ideas for 2017

Inspiring Small Business Ideas

Every successful business sells something that solves problems or fulfills customers’ needs. Brains behind ingenious businesses can even create needs where they don’t really exist – and people keep coming back for more. With increasing population, widespread adoption of smart technologies, rising number of dual earners and millennials, the favorable climate for small entrepreneurs in multiple sectors will continue throughout 2017.

Car rental businesses need to invest in insurance policies to cover themselves should injuries or property damage occur. Many businesses that do not have insurance could be devastated if certain damages occur. General liability insurance can help businesses compensate for any damages so that they can carry on operating. Get a better understanding of general liability insurance for car rental businesses by reading TRUiC’s in-depth explanation.

Online consignment store

Following the popularity of reality shows like Pawn Stars or American Pickers, vintage and collectible items became hotter than ever. You can either use one of the existing online platforms or create your own e-store. Not only will you save a lot by not renting a brick & mortar store, but you can access a much larger customer pool.

Real estate

It is not only population that is increasing, but also the number of startups and companies looking to expand. The demand for new homes and office spaces will continue to grow in 2017. What is more, the current trend of high interest rates may loosen the tight lending standards, allowing millions of creditworthy borrowers to get mortgages. As a result, real estate businesses can look to a rich harvest.

Nutrition coach

Everyone wants to be healthy, but the idea of healthy nutrition is very individual. People believe that they are eating properly, yet they are still dissatisfied with their bodies. In 2017, the demand for nutrition coaches will rise, and the best way for you to give advice on nutrition and exercises is online. This is an excellent side job if you already work as a gym instructor.

Organic food shopping

More than any generation before them, millennials are concerned about resources that are wasted daily on packing. Companies like In.gredients from Austin, Texas offer shopping for local, sustainable produced food. With its zero food waste policy, the company promotes local farms, selling everything from homegrown tomatoes to wine.

Daily special eatery

New generations want unique experience. That is the idea behind Ad Hoc, a restaurant established by Thomas Keller in the Napa Valley in 2006. This venue offers four-course daily menu, and specializes in comfort food dishes like spicy chicken fried steak, cornbread and chocolate chip cookies. Each one-day-only menu is handwritten and posted in the restaurant as well as on its website.

Free lunch service

People behind Lunch-spread are helping unestablished restaurants in Manhattan build their customer bases by matching local businesses to food they enjoy. They make free sample deliveries directly to offices, after which the recipients fill out a survey about the food. Every delivery includes coupons and info cards with restaurant details.

Custom thank-you cards

Online services like Thankster let users design personalized thank-you cards with simulated, authentic-looking handwriting. Users can choose among a variety of handwriting to match their own. Apart from sending cards for weddings, graduations, bridal and baby showers, this service is popular with business people who send personalized notes to valued clients, partners and employees.

Mom support service

Nine months of pregnancy are exhausting both physically and mentally. Bed Rest Concierge was founded as company that provides a wide range of pre- and post-delivery services. Those include creating and managing a baby registry, birth announcements, nursery designs, diaper delivery and laundry service, as well as hospital preparations.

Design your tea

Organic tea remains popular in 2017, as well. It should not come as a surprise that companies like Design A Tea made it possible for consumers to create their personal tea blends, choosing from over 40 organic and gluten-free flavors. After selecting the base flavor, black, oolong, green or rooibos, you can add two other ingredients in the mix. When you do the math, there are more than 10,000 different combinations you can create. The company even goes a step further and uses recycled paper products and environmentally-friendly ink.

Warehouse business

A lot of small businesses or self-employed contractors lack the space for storing their products or materials. Huge warehouse facilities are expensive and container units are not always practical. You can take advantage of this need and build a warehouse for rent. Skilled employees and equipment like scissor lifts will improve efficiency and attract a wide base of customers.

Writing services

High-quality, organic content is in high demand these days. While businesses are struggling to make visitors spend more time on their websites and blogs, many of them cannot afford in-house writers. As a result, positions of blog writers are then outsourced, giving the people with great writing skills an opportunity to earn some extra money.

Social media consultant

Researches show that, today, people spend more time on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms than socializing in pubs. Businesses realize the benefits of these online “societies” and use social media to connect with customers and maintain brand community. As with writers, many companies find it impractical to maintain such a department. If you have experience in designing social media campaigns, you will not be unemployed in 2017.

Riding the wave from 2016, the main areas that will continue to grow are online commerce, organic food, healthy living and marketing. The list does not end here. The key to a successful company is the ability to recognize customers’ needs and offer the best solution.

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