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12 Services Your Company Needs

Hiring a service to help fill various roles in your company can boost more than just your bottom line. Outsourcing things like property management, accounting and marketing can also boost your productivity and job satisfaction by taking more off your shoulders and freeing you up to focus on your core competencies.

Property Management

Owning, maintaining and managing your property can be a full-time job just by itself, but when your business rents to other companies, these tasks can take over your schedule and leave your own company floundering. Property managers are for more than just landlords and can handle things like maintenance and repairs even if you do not plan to rent out any of the space. If you do rent, however, then property management services in San Diego can help you advertise and inspect the space, vet potential tenants and handle any repair or upgrade requests which come in so you do not have to.

Cleaning and Stocking

Hiring a service or two to clean and stock your business is another way to save time and money over doing it yourself. These services will help ensure that your company has all the break room and cleaning supplies that it needs as well as conduct routine cleaning tasks such as taking out the trash bins and shampooing the carpet. You can even work with vendors to supply employee areas with drinks and snacks, so you do not have to make a run to the store or have workers leave the building for food.

Information Technology

Finding and recruiting the best talent in areas such as cyber security, web development and tech support takes a lot of time out of your day, as well as a chunk of your budget for payroll. You can find IT services for these tasks instead and benefit from the experience and knowledge of experts in the field without having to put them on the payroll or find offices in your space.

Accounting and Legal

All businesses will need some legal advice and accounting services at some point, and the rise in firms offering these services to multiple companies has given smaller businesses and even startups better access to professional help with licenses, taxes, payroll and lawsuits. Many companies with their own accounting department will still hire a service for routine audits. Because the attorneys and CPAs providing these services have multiple clients, their costs and salaries can be spread out among different businesses instead of all coming out of your payroll.

Social Media Management

The rise in social media has seen many ups and downs when it comes to doing business. Your daily posts can go unseen, generate viral interest in your products or shower your brand with bad press. You can go over your brand and company culture to make sure the manager is setting the tone you want and hiring a service for these interactions can take the personal feelings out of the equation. Too often, businesses see a sharp decline in sales after responding or reacting to a negative review on social media because the owner feels attacked and strikes back. These services can also help with social media marketing, influencer campaigns and market analytics.

Social Media Tools

Trying to juggle a half-dozen social media accounts is difficult and time consuming. Thankfully, a social media management tool like Hootsuite offers an easier solution. Used by more than 800 of the country's 1,000 largest companies, it automates the process of creating social media content. Normally, companies must log in to their social media accounts to make new posts. With a social media management tool like Hootsuite, they can create their content on a single platform and specify the date on which it will be published. Hootsuite supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mixi, and it even has a built-in URL shortener to shrink the size of shared links on social media.

Marketing and Ecommerce

Marketing is taking on a new aspect with ecommerce gaining popularity, it is going digital as well. The world of marketing is also constantly changing, so hiring a service which monitors and keeps up with these changes can boost your campaigns, digital footprint and sales. Having a service manage your marketing and ecommerce can also give you a valuable resource for answering related questions, understanding the metrics and designing the advertisements.

File-Transfer Tool

Your company should also invest in a file-transfer tool. Your company should also invest in a file-transfer tool like Aspera that reliably, rapidly, and securely transfers files and data sets of any type and size across a hybrid cloud environment.  If a company needs to send large files to a customer, email may not suffice. While compressing the file may reduce its total size, an easier solution is to use a file-transfer tool. The right file-transfer tool will allow your company to quickly send files to their customers or colleagues.


There's no substitution for a well-designed website in today's digitally connected world. Companies with a website will attract more leads and generate more sales than their counterparts without a website. One study found that 85 percent of B2B buyers use the internet to help them make purchasing decisions. If a seller doesn't have a website, it may lose these buyers to a competitor. Furthermore, a website allows your company to project their brand as a leading authority. When a company publishes high-quality content on its website, prospective buyers will take notice, viewing the company has an industry leader.


While your company can benefit from all social media networks, LinkedIn is a particularly effective sales and marketing tool. Launched December 2002, it's geared towards business owners and professionals, which is the target demographic for B2B companies. LinkedIn even has a sales feature that can help  companies save and manage their leads. Known as Sales Navigator, it simplifies the otherwise complex task of sourcing high-quality leads.

Google Alerts

B2B companies know the importance of targeting the right prospects at the right time. With their target customer demographic being upper-level business executives and professionals, modern companies must take a more methodical approach towards marketing and sales operations. Sending the same prospects the same promotional message isn't going to work. Rather, companies need a laser-focused strategy that involves targeting prospects when they are ready to buy. Google Alerts is a free-to-use tool that can help companies accomplish this goal by notifying them when a prospect's name or other relevant information is mentioned online.

Email Marketing Service

An email marketing service is an invaluable tool for your company. Statistics show that email provides a return on investment (ROI) of up to 3,800 percent. Once a company has a prospect's email address, it can send the prospect messages to promote their products or services. Professional email marketing services include other perks, such as analytics, automated follow-ups, autoresponder emails, list segmentation and more, all of which can help companies succeed.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can use the help of professional services to save time and money while still completing needed tasks. Outsourcing things like property management and building maintenance can keep your business clean and in good repair without eating into your time. You can also find professional services to fill any talent gaps you might have without having to recruit multiple individuals and put them on your payroll.


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