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12 Ways to Fix Slow WiFi Connection

The internet is a boon to the modern-day world. We can explore this mystical place with the help of WiFi. However, if you have a sluggish WiFi connection, it may feel as if we are exploring it with heavy steel shoes on our feet. There are many reasons for the WiFi to be slow. It can be the wireless channel, the strength of the signals, the router, or the network itself.

It can be tricky to point out the problem and fix it with these many factors. However, there are solutions to such problems. In this article, we will provide you some ways to fix the slow WiFi issues.

Firstly, to understand what makes our WiFi slow, we need to understand what WiFi actually is. WiFi enables us to connect to the internet over the air. It is created using a wireless router.

Ways to Fix Slow WiFi Connection

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Restart the Router:

It is the most popular method that can fix the issue for slow WiFi as well. Turn off the WiFi router for 20 seconds and turn it on again. Most routers have the turn-off switch on the back, but unplug the adaptor to remove the power connection. Once you switch it on, wait for a minute at least and try using it again and check if the problem persists, and to check that you can go to and see what's the current speed of your wifi after the restart.

Also restart your device that is connected to WiFi, at times the device connected can also be the cause.

Add a Protection shield to WiFi:

If no device or a program isn't using the bandwidth, your neighbor is a culprit. If the WiFi isn't secured, then someone else might be using it. WPA2 security is the most advanced protocol that secures the WiFi. First, change the password by entering the router's IP address in the browser's address bar of the router's main interface. Then type Ipconfig and then you will see the IP address next to the Default Gateway. After which enter the address in the browser address bar and provide the password. You can also choose a clever and funny WiFi name that might confuse your neighbor to make him think twice before hacking your WiFi.

 Check all the devices that are connected to WiFi:

The WiFi network's total bandwidth is divided between all the devices that are currently connected. If any bandwidth heavy programs are running on the connected devices, it affects the internet speeds of the other connected devices. Browsing does not come under this heavy program and will not have a major effect. If you are playing online games or streaming videos or if any huge files are being downloaded, then the internet speed is slowed down. So be sure of the bandwidth-heavy content.

Check the router position:

Many of us do not understand the importance of a good position for a router. The slightest change can affect the WiFi speed and signals. The distance between the router and the device defines the strength of the signal.

It becomes hard for the WiFi to penetrate through a few objects which act as an obstacle for the signals. Materials like cement, concrete, and metals affect the WiFi signals. So, choose a central position for the router for a greater signal.

Stop the Background Programs using Heavy Bandwidth:

Without your knowledge, the background programs might use up the bandwidth. Windows Update keeps updating in the background that can take up the bandwidth. If you are using Windows Pc, you can find the active background processes from the Task Manager. Press Ctrl+Shift+Escape keys combo to open the task manager and select the Processes tab. Here if you find any third-party applications that you haven't started, click on End Process.

WiFi Channel:

These wireless signals work like radio signals on different channels. All the routers are connected to the same channels near your area, which interferes the signals. However, you can change this channel to the one which has a lesser load. For this purpose, you can use WifiinfoView or Net Stumbler, which are great tools that show you the WiFi Channels and how much these are crowded. Select the one which is least crowded, and you are good to go.

Windows Network Adaptor Power Saver:

If your router is set to power saving mode to increase the battery time and to save power, then it is also saving the power on the network adapter. Doing this decreases the internet speed. To set this to maximum, hover on to control panel from the start menu and click on system and security. Then, click on power options and then change plan settings, which is next to your selected plan.

Change to a New DNS Server:

Your computer uses something that is known as DNS to translate it into a computer-friendly IP address. At times, the servers your computer is using to look up the information might have issues or kay entirely go down.

Try a New Provider:

If your Internet Service Provider isn't able to help you with the internet speed you want, then find for a new provider. You might switch to a different provider in order like DSL, satellite, fiber, or cable.

Beware of Malware:

An internet worm is malicious software that spreads from device to device with the help of computer networks. If any of your devices are affected by this software, there is a good chance of your internet speed to run slow.


The older wireless routers can only support the ones with older specifications for the wireless local area network- WLAN computer communication. For example, an 8.2.11g that can transmit a maximum of 54Mbit/s was launched in January 2003. The newer wireless routers support 802.11n with a transmitting speed of 600 Mbit/s. Consider upgrading to a new model, after you understand that your wireless routers have become old.

Wireless Noise and interference:

We probably can never notice that there are wireless signals all around us and passing through us. The amount of radio noise can also be one of the major issues for causing interference. Microwaves, Bluetooth devices, and also Christmas or fairy lights can cause this interference.

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