13 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021


If you are looking to stay ahead of the competition, here are the 13 different digital marketing trends you can’t ignore as we progress into 2021.

Top 13 Marketing Trends of the 2021 Digital World

Unless you can afford to hire an expert – like TheAdFirm.net – SEO, Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency in Irvine, then you will have to take our advice. These 13 marketing trends should have you taking note in 2021.

1 – A Focus on Privacy

We have already seen hints of this, but security is going to grow with the further roll out of Smart products. The EU’s data regulations will spread to other areas… watch this space.

2 – AI is on the up

Continuing with the last few years' rise, AI is going to continue to be used in innovative ways in the corporate world. Now, it is limited to email and order placement, but again, it will get better and better as the years pass.

3 – Process Automation will have a Sharp Rise

There’s going to be a huge increase in what we automate in the coming year. Put it down to Covid-19 forcing many businesses to trim out staff and switch online.

4 – Fierce Competition

Expect fierce digital marketing competition as all the businesses who are waiting for the pandemic to be over are finally forced to go online.

5 – Voice tech is on the rise

Voice searches have become bigger and better in recent years. In the coming months, expect it to be more of a hit with mobile users.

6 – Facebook and Google will stay in the driver’s seat

In terms of the biggest online platforms that provide digital advertising teams to operate, Google ads and Facebook advertising will remain the drivers.

7 – But expect other ad spaces to eventually surpass Facebook

Although digital advertising is firmly rooted in the Facebook side of social media, Facebook is becoming increasingly irrelevant to the younger audience. Expect to see it tail off to be replaced with Instagram and Facebook in the coming years. IT might not happen in 2021, but it’s coming.

8 – TikTok will boom

TikTok has really hit the western world this last year. We predict that it will be one of the bigger social media advertising sites by the end of the year.

9 – Influencers are Switching Platform

If you happen to rely on influencers to promote your brand to their following, keep an eye on TikTok. It looks set to be providing us with the next set of young talent.

10 – The Live Stream is the next big thing

In terms of how you reach your consumer through digital marketing, using those influencers and product placement in live streamsis how you do it.

11 – E-friendly focus

All things in 2021 – even how we market our goods – are going to be focused towards sustainability. Consider it a standard feature of all ads from now on if you want to survive in the digital space.

12 – Goodwill Gestures

As well as this focus on being good for the planet, a focus on doing good things for regular folks will go a long way. Those that buy your goods need to feel represented, so appeal by connecting with them.

13 – How to Connect?

Your best friend for connection should be your social media pages. User generated content is where it’s at in terms of shareability… definitely something to think about the next time someone on your marketing team suggests a free giveaway.

Image credit: Imagesource.io