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14 Most Essential Smart Appliances in Your Home


We are currently a part of the digital age. We are not only the pioneers but influencer continuously updating and taking new technological advancements forward. It is why Millennials have turned even the most basic, routinely things around and managed to make a significant upgrade to a whole new level. The greatest example of one such development is smart home systems and devices.

The "smart home" is a unique umbrella term that refers to a house that has interconnected devices, appliances, and systems that are programmed to save time, effort, and energy with their technologically advanced operations and functions.

According to statistics published on Statista, the global market for the smart home is estimated to be valued at a whopping 141 billion US dollars by 2023. These figures and estimations are enough to guarantee growth in the market of such smart home renovations. It will soon not be just about asking Siri to play your favorite song on your Beats Pill. It will soon become mainstream and a normal part of your lifestyle to control every single room and unit in your house, including all the smaller and bigger yet appliances just on the order of your command.

So if you are convinced and looking for a tech-savvy lifestyle upgrade, then look no further!

14 Best Smart Home Devices & Systems – A Must-Have for a Better Integrated Home living

Here are some of the best smart home devices and systems that have brought the future right in your homes. With better-integrated systems and an effective lifestyle change, you will be in tune with the modern futuristic lifestyle in no time.

1.     Amazon Echo


Amazon Alexa is a Bluetooth based speaker system called Alexa. Powered by Amazon and with more than 20,000 third party integrations, it is one of the most acclaimed handy home assistant devices. Alexa will ensure accessibility and control over every aspect of your home. As well as allow you voice accessibility options with many great apps like Spotify. However, the best feature that the whole of the Amazon Echo family has to offer to this day is that it easily connects many individual smart home devices. Because the Amazon ecosystem is so widespread, many smart product brands allow seamless integration with Alexa. Brands like Philips, Samsung, Next, and Schlage and many others can now easily be accessed by Alexa. It requires some patience and works to establish these connections, but once they have been made, you can control all your home devices by the sound of your voice.

2.     Brilliant Control


One such great smart home device is the Brilliant Control that seamlessly connects with Alexa due to the built-in integrated voice support that makes it capable of fulfilling almost all Alexa commands. Although it is more on the pricey side and would require professional installation due to complex technical wiring, it can prove to be a great addition in a modern smart household. Mainly, Brilliant Control is a set of uniquely designed wall switches that use WiFi for establishing connections and control over other smart devices. It is designed with a 5-inch touch screen with and promises a user-friendly experience through button controls that allow you to perform many different functions like playing music, controlling lights, setting temperature, and guarding your doorstep, among others.

3.     TP-Link HS200

A more pocket-friendly alternative to Brilliant Control, TP-Link HS200, is also a smart switch solution that you can even access from your phone. Combined with both physical up and down switches, it allows you application access through your smartphone as well as a smart home integrated button. The app is specific to the brand and is called Kasa. The app integrates your house lighting systems with the app in a way that if you program the app to a command such as "watching TV in the lounge," and it will automatically switch off the light in other parts of the house where light is not required. It works well with both Amazon Alexa as well as Google Home Assistant. Although, if you use Apple Home Kit or Wink, then maybe the other hefty alternative will be the right one for you.

4.     Philips Hue

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The Philips Hue is a smart lighting bulb series that enable you to control the lights of your smart home. You can control the intensity and temperature of the light to choose whether dim or bright and even the color based on it. It has many cool features, among which it allows you to create a color-coordinated mood setting in your house or a specific room. You can intercept alarms for waking up every morning that would be according to the color you choose. For example, you can choose a theme called "Energize," among many under Phillips Hue Scenesand it will sync your room's lighting based on it to wake you up on this very theme. For a less upgraded version, there is Philips Hue White that only offers the washed-out basic effect.

5.     Logitech Harmony Elite

If you are one of those people who still reside between the new and old fashioned habits and would still manually control things than talking to your appliances. If you are not accustomed to the advanced technologies, but you still want modern integration in your household, then Logitech Harmony Elite is the smartest solution for you. It is like having the ultimate universal user remote control that will not just be limited to controlling your TV set for you, but almost every smart device in your house could easily be controlled by it. It is one of the major reasons why you would find this unit on a more hefty side of your pocket.

6.     Ecobee4

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Now that we are settled on our controlling devices for lighting let's start with the temperature. Setting the thermostat to however you like it is a big deal when you live in a family household, and everybody wants to control the temperature. However, they like it. But with a smart thermostat at your command, you can easily adjust it to regulate temperature in your room according to how you would like it. Ecobee4 is one such smart thermostat that not only works in connection with Amazon Alexa but can duly work on its own. More on the pricey side, but if you don't have a smart speaker than consider just getting this because it can perform all the operations a smart speaker can.

7.     Net Gear Arlo Q

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Since Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple's Siri have set the benchmark for a voice-controlled home assistant that is more focused on entertainment and random household search and task option. Many smart devices have been integrated to follow the same pattern. One such exception to this design idea is the latest Net Gear Arlo Q. An extremely efficient and useful home security device, Net Arlo records great quality video as well as audio and quality image production even in pitch-black darkness. Basically, it is a basic security camera but the enhanced features are far from basic. It has customized automated home recording options and a timer-based schedule to record, depending on when you're at work or home. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

8. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

A more pocket-friendly alternative to other smart security devices in this range of products, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, is much true to its name. It is actually what you would exactly imagine as a smart doorbell to be. Relatively easy to install and with even slender design, it comes with interchangeable plates to match your home décor. It is programmed with great features to deliver a sharp 1080p video in both daylight and at night. It uses a new technology called a "pre-buffer technology" that will allow you to see what transpired before a motion trigger. You can then view the live video on your Amazon Echo Show screen using Alexa to guide your command. These aspects make Ring Video Doorbell Pro the most versatile smart doorbell you can get your hands on.

9.     Perfect Bake Pro

Home is where you can cook your meal even in the middle of the night, and nobody will question you. What if we tell you that you can get a smart weighing scale that will actually tell you what to cook for your 3 AM hunger based on the ingredients available? That's exactly what this Bake Pro does that is perfect as its name. It allows you to weigh your ingredients and input the details to generate recipes then accordingly. You can even automate your measure bowl to a specific weight of your ingredients, and it will tell you when to stop pouring to weigh precisely as programmed. With just a little above 80$, this smart device is a must-have for people who look forward to hassle-free baking.

10.     Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker with Smart Chef Technology

If we suggested something for our baking lovers, then here is a little something for the grilling lovers. People who love to grill regularly understand that it is not a hassle-free pass time activity. Checking the meat continuously for the right color and temperature, checking the coals, and the liquid fluid to be enough, all this takes away from the actual fun of grilling in the fresh summertime air. It is why we suggest you to try Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker, and just as its name suggests, it handles all that you've been worrying about when grilling the old fashioned way.

11.     Samsung Smart Things WiFi Smart Plug

It is not necessary that if you decide to go for a smart home renovation, you completely change everything and adopt all things smart even if it is not an economically right decision for you to make. So what to do in such a situation? The smart way to adapt smart home devices and appliances is to go for an inexpensive way that allows you to connect your non-smart appliances with your newly bought smart devices. Samsung Smart Things WiFi Smart Plug will be your solution for exactly that. It allows you for doing good Leeds and is a one stop solution to connect all regular appliances through a single WiFi unit to your home assistant.  

12.     Ecovacs Deebot N79S

There is only one thing that we all used to hate doing during household chores, and that is vacuuming. So no wonder people are willing to spend even more than a 100$ for getting an automatic vacuum cleaner. Ecovacs Deebot is a compact vacuum solution of your dreams. An impressive deal to avail, it integrates your home system and other apps, as well as has a manual steering option. With long-lasting battery life, it is a great surface cleaner to have in your smart home.

13.     IRobot Braava Jet m6

So what if you don't need to sweep the floor or rug but mop it instead or in addition to it? We present to you a smart mop. Braava Jet M6 is your dream come true. The smooth jet action is mild and gentle on your hardwood or tiled flooring, leaving no scratches or marks behind. Great for both apartments and larger house, it does not cause any wet floor mess and can cover 1000 square feet in a single mopping session.

14.     LG Smart TV

You must be wondering why a smart TV is so below in this list when we all can agree that it is the most popular smart home gadget right now in existence in almost every house, including our own. The answer is exactly that. You definitely don't need a suggestion to get one. You already have one and already know the great features and amazing video quality it has to offer. Easily connected to any home device you have installed and automated support to all streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu.


All in all, a smart home renovation can take your lifestyle and home living solution a whole new level. The future is now, and as we travel in time further, our lives would become way more technologically integrated and advanced. So it is high time we embrace these updates and continue to excel in our lives!

Author Bio: Claudia Jeffrey is currently working as a Content Strategist at Crowd Writer, excellent research paper writing service UK provider. She is all about new gadgets and shares her interest in cool new technology though her blogs. She has gained a vast number of audiences that take her expertise into account.

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