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14 Things You Must Take Care of For A Better Life of Your Roof

 A roof system is arguably the most susceptible part of a house's exterior. You should keep a check on your roof by experts. There are a lot of services or roof installation companies who can give you the service. Shingle Roof Installation Lee's Summit MO is among the most popular roof installation or maintenance companies.


Here's what you should do to get the most from your roof.


  1. Clean The Gutters


Homeowners are well aware of this task that is at the top of the spring to-do list. Cleaning your gutter guard twice a year will keep your gutter system in good condition, and it will also extend its life-span. When leaves pile up in the trenches, they can carry moisture. Sometimes even wick it upwards into roof rafters and sheathings.



  1. Get Rid Of Moss


Moss might look harmless, but its growth can destroy your roof. Everybody wishes to have a well-maintained roof. Doing an examination and periodic moss removal treatment will dramatically prolong its life. It will also prevent damage from occurring.


The moss removal is a must! Use an environmentally friendly pesticide to wipe out the moss. If the moss keeps coming back, consider putting in zinc strips.


  1. Trim Overhanging Leaves


Leaves are easy to remove, and there's no reason to have them on your roof. Leaves in roof valleys or near the chimney will catch and possess moisture. Moisture is not suitable for your roof's life. Remove the leaves with a leaf blower or leaf rake, and again, be sure to have someone directing you from the ground below.


  1. Prevent Ice Dams


Suppose you're disturbed by ice buildup on the roof. Eliminating some or all of the snow between storms can forestall drips into your house. Don't try to pry the ice that's already formed because that could harm the shingles.


Remove the snow using a roof rake within three or four feet of the gutters. If you are on a ladder, work at such an angle so the falling snow doesn't push you over.


  1. After A Storm


Before a significant storm strikes, you should make sure that you're being protected, not during. After a storm, you should check to see if your roof can protect you from the outside elements. You would need some repairs if the storm were particularly nasty.


  1. Check Your Shingles Regularly


Well, the main and the most critical step to maintain your roof is to check up on it as often as you can. Particularly after high winds or heavy storms. A good pair of binoculars can detect any potential problems. Here's what you should look for when examining your roof yourself:


        Missing shingles

        Curling shingles

        Cracked shingles

        Peeling flashing

        Missing granules


Any of the mentioned signs of damage should be looked at carefully, preferably by the right professional roofing contractor. They can safely make the needed repairs.


  1. Get A Professional Roof Inspection


A professional roof inspector will be skilled to detect any potential problems you might've not noticed. They'll also offer you a rough idea of how long your roof life is. An inspection yearly will enhance your chances of finding potential problems before they become expensive repairs.


  1. Look For Leaks In Your Attic


The attic is a massive indication if your roof is working well or if it's time to go for a new one. Suppose you can notice daylight peeping through the boards. If there are watermarks that are apparent or prominently weak shingles, then you should repair all these problems immediately.


  1. Wash Your Roof


The primary thing when it comes to maintaining your roof is to wash it. At some point, your roof will begin to look dirty, with extended, dark stripes flowing from top to eave. This is algae accumulating in your house. Algae won't result in any quick damage. But, if you neglect it long enough, it can gradually rot your shingles.


To avoid these algae critters, sprinkle your roof with a 50 percent mix of bleach and water. This solution will kill them quickly.


  1. Patch Up Your Chimney


While going through your roof maintenance list, be sure you examine your chimney for cracks or missing mortar. Structural destruction of any size can result in bricks to begin falling out. It can damage your roof. You can hire a contractor to repair any mortar cracks or do it yourself by breaking out a trowel.


  1. Historical File


Building owners need to have a roof system historical file. The maintenance crew should be aware of the contents of the roof system's historical file. It will help them in taking proper action when an issue occurs.

The file should be conserved with the building when sold and purchased. It gives big data for pre-purchase and condition examinations of the property.


  1. Inspect For Rust


Depending on the design of the roof you have, your roof may be in danger of rusting. Metal roofs can be the most vulnerable to rust. But with good care clean-up, you can effortlessly eliminate rust. It's essential to replace any rusty bolts that have rusted first. Then, you can brush the rust off. It will enable you to stop a massive problem before it begins.


  1. Inspect Your Flashing


As I mentioned, your roof makes your house dry and comfortable. Roof flashing is the factor that helps in sealing off cracks and bends in the ceiling, so that water can't get inside—a common place where this is found in chimney flashing. When you're examining your roof, you'll also need to check on your flashing. If you see any cracks or deformities in your flashing, you should mend it as soon as possible.


  1. Ensure The Roof Is Ventilated


Without adequate ventilation, your roof sheathing and rafting will decay. Improper ventilation will give rise to heat and moisture, which is not suitable for your roof.


The roof materials will squeeze and bend, and the induction will not be as helpful as it should be. It will also bring up many problems for your home.




Every house has a roof. Without one, you will possibly be in discomfort, either from the sun or the rain. As the roof protects you from unfavorable climate conditions, you also need to protect it too. By maintaining it, you will make it safeguard you for a long time.


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