14 Tips for a Cosy Christmas Home Decor (2020)


Christmas is the time that everyone wants to feel warm and cosy inside their homes. What's your perfect idea of having a "cosy Christmas"? Is it about having a warm place to come in from the cold? A delicately kindled tree? Are aromatic smells moving slowly through the kitchen? Everyone laughing and chatting around the table and enjoying a feast? 


Whatever you have in mind, there are several excellent ways to bring your vision to come to life. Decorator's Warehouse is the perfect choice when it comes to making your vision a reality. Plus, the good thing is, you can go as hard or as subtle as you want with your decorating. Here are some tips from old and new home builders and designers you can consider to make your home cosy this Christmas! 


Gift Wrap Books 

Look at your current bookshelf? It is it too boring? Give it some life by turning it into a statement holiday display by using graphic paper to wrap your stacks of books. 



Add Charm to the Front Porch 



Why no place Christmas decorations to your front porch and make it look elegant and homey. You can put some greenery, wrapped boxes, and even an old sled to welcome your guests! You may also place some homemade wreath created from fresh evergreen clippings on the sled to add more charm to that specific area. 


Use Faux Fur Pillows 

The living room is definitely the best spot for a movie night and other gathering celebrations. You may consider placing some faux trimmed velvet pillows or even a luxe-looking fur throw on the sofa. Even if it's the easiest area to fall asleep and watch movies together, you can sacrifice your pillows since it Christmas! 


Place Decorated Pines/Boughs 

Don't be sad if you can't find enough space for setting up a Christmas tree. You may simply put a decorated pine, spruce branches, or fir in large clear jars and place them on your living room mantel or bookshelf. 


Fake Fireplace 

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Good Housekeeping


Not everyone has a traditional fireplace, so don't worry because you still have that cosy fireplace feeling by hanging a cloth mural together with colourful stockings that consolidate the true spirit of the Christmas season. 


Upgrade the Candleholders 

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We're sure most of us love scented candles for our home, especially during Christmas to set up the mood. You may turn your plain candleholders to a festive one by using your unused ornate ribbons and cute buttons around the house and tie it around your candleholders. If you want to know about how you can set up the best Christmas table, you may read more on Top 15 Elegant Christmas Table Decoration Ideas 2020 to guide you. 


Drape Some Eucalyptus 

The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to using eucalyptus as decorations for your home. One of the best ways to decorate with eucalyptus is draping them along the side of a round mirror. 


Use Your Throw Pillows and Blankets 

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Fancy Things


If you have a Christmas tree for the celebration, you may use your cosy throw pillows, blankets, or other lightweight cotton and linens you have in replacement for placing wrapped boxes under the tree. It's one of the best ways to generate warm and adding great pop of holiday colours and texture without having to exert much effort. What's more perfect is to add an oversized knit blanket under the tree in lieu of a tree skirt. 


Hang Art On Your Walls 

There are so many cheap yet lovely arts that display seasonal colours and topic matter. You can elevate your art, either temporarily for the season or permanently with your holiday decor. You may hang a big painted wood wall sign as the ideal finishing touch for your bedroom. Also, you can even update your framed family photos in a DIY work so your visiting families can enjoy seeing what you've been doing in the past year. 


Have Your Home Smell Like Christmas 

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Aside from decorations, if you want your home to feel cosy, it should smell like the holidays! Create your own holiday potpourri and simmer it on your stove and your house will be smelling instantly cosy and cred. You can look for the recipe for the potpourri online since it's very easy to make. 


Place Cut Wood As Display 

Well, if you're fortunate enough to have a fireplace inside your home, you may grab a natural seagrass basket and use it for keeping firewood. Doing this will add texture and maintain things tidy and convenient for a cold fall evening. 


Use Garlands and Christmas Lights for Doors and Entryways 

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Twins Dish


Nothing is cosier than the glow of Christmas lights in your home. You may drape every doorway in your home and entryway in your home using garlands and glowy Christmas lights. 


Create a Starry Sky 

Why not get creative and unique this year by creating a three-dimensional gallery wall by hanging a combined use of metal, paper, and wood stars in different sizes and looks along with a window frame with transparent cord. 


Explore Warm Cosy Paint Colours 

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Star Paint

Most of us don't like to spend so much time on a project like re-painting your walls before the holidays. However, there is something you can do instead such as updating your side table or bookshelf in a warm and welcoming colour. These things can definitely boost the cosy character of a room using just little effort. There are so many ways you can bring in a pop of colour in various areas of your home such as inside of your closet, a door, behind glass cabinets, the inside of a bookcase, or a unique piece of furniture. Pop of colours in your home can instantly add great interest in a subtle way.