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15 Best Men's Kurta with Jeans Style For The Year 2021

Ethnic wear has been the people’s choice for a very long time in India. This country is known for its deep-rooted ethnicity. Each place and its people have a distinct cultural background that can be differentiated with the clothing, food, and other cultural aspects. So, one can imagine the depth in traditional values amongst the people of this country. This is also showcased through the most essential ethnic outfit that is a kurta for men. Kurtas are such outfits that are well-known throughout the country. Each individual surely has a collection of kurtas in their wardrobes for all purposes.



If one looks closely at the history of kurtas, then it is evident that people started donning this outfit many years ago. It was during the Indus Valley Civilization that people from India used to wear traditional outfits. Of course, with the times progressing there have been numerous diversifications today, in every garment that is there. A simple kurta also has many forms in recent times. This is what makes the garment versatile and popular amongst the masses. Pairing it with the best of bottom wear like jeans can bring a look to a person one cannot simply imagine.


How Should Men Choose Their Kurtas?


A kurta, in general, is an extremely comfortable outfit. Also, it is important to understand that to look at one’s best self, the factor of comfortability is very crucial. Imagine wearing a kurta, or any other garment for that matter, and not feeling the comfort which one should? This can be a hassle at many events. Therefore, choose your clothing wisely. To make sure that an individual enjoys the dressing-up routine in a kurta, the kurta should be comfortable. This factor of comfortability in turn depends on a lot of other factors that a person will discover further in this article.


A stylish kurta for men can be called stylish when it gives rise to a new or different kind of look. To explain it better, the style should be unconventional and not be regular. Before choosing this garment, to give an edge to your attire it is advisable to choose different colors or designs that a lot of people do not opt for. This brings variation in clothing and hence, innovation. So, to stand out amongst the crowd, choose your outfits accordingly.


The right fit and fabric are crucial when it comes to a kurta for boys. Both are directly related to comfortability, which has been discussed in this article earlier. The fabric of the cloth should be skin-friendly with the apt fitting as that gives confidence to a person while making them feel good about themselves.


Top combinations of Kurta and Jeans for Men


These days, online shopping has given a huge boost to the fashion arena. People are just a click away from purchasing their favourite outfits. Many styles have popped up in the picture that are hugely accepted by men. Some of the trending styles of a kurta and jeans for men are listed as follows:


1)    Plain white Kurta with a pair of jeans

2)    Pathani Kurta in different colors with a pair of jeans

3)    Black Kurta with a pair of jeans

4)    Short Kurta with pockets with a pair of jeans

5)    Short Kurta with three-quarter sleeves combined with jeans

6)    Plain Short Kurta with a pair of jeans

7)    Designer Kurta with a pair of jeans

8)    Short Punjabi Kurta with jeans

9)    Contemporary style Pathani kurta with jeans

10) Long Punjabi Kurta with denim jeans

11) Simple Denim Kurta with jeans

12) Pathani Denim Kurta with jeans

13) Asymmetrical Kurta with a pair of jeans

14) Designer Pathani Kurta

15) Solid Cotton Kurta with a pair of jeans



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