Marquee-styled light up letters are all the rage right now as they are cropping up everywhere, including hotels, bars, theatres, and bigger event venues like weddings, receptions, birthdays, and anniversaries. The vintage-inspired creative lighting options help label important areas in the venue while providing a dazzling look. Couples who love a retro vibe or stunning luminous additions will appreciate the addition of these marquee-style letters in the wedding venue. And not to mention, they make for great wedding pictures. From steady glows to chasing lights, these lights offer plenty of possibilities. Here are a few ways to use these letters to create a memorable inspired wedding.  


1)    Display the Initials Marquee-style

The couple can celebrate their union by displaying the initials, the ‘Mr & Mrs’ titles, or their newly-shared name all over the venue, including the backdrop, tables and chairs.

2)    Show Directions to the Guests

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All these places in the wedding venue can be connected and included in the wedding theme by using light-up symbols to direct the guests to the wedding, reception, dance floor, dining and bar areas.

3)    Light Up the Drink and Dessert Bar

Initials of the newlywed or symbols representing food and drinks can be lit around the drinks and the dessert bar to attract guests and give them a sight to view as they enjoy them. The warm lights enhance the appeal of the food spread.

4)    Make the Cake Stand Out

What makes a five-tiered cake stand out even more? A set of brightly let marquee lights decorated around it. They keep the focus on the couple while they are cutting their wedding cake, and not to mention; they would be great for well-lit pictures for later.  

5)    Head Table Signage

Make the head table special with the initials representing the couple lit in bright lights so that the guests know where to look for them.

6)    Wedding Venue Indicators

Decorate the pathway and the entrance of the venue grandly with beautiful archways and initials of the couple lit in marquee lights.

7)    Hearts and Kisses

Show and spread the love shared by the couple to all, with symbols of hearts and kisses and ‘LOVE’ at the photo booth.

8)    Add Some Floral Beauty

Match the lights and letters with the theme of the wedding with flowers similar to the centrepiece decorations.

9)    Bedazzle the Dance Floor

Add a retro disco spin to the dance floor with marquee lights as the couple, the friends and the family light the floor on fire to some tunes.

10) Highlight the Wedding Hashtag for the social media

Make the wedding stand out on social media with a unique hashtag decorated in lights for the guests to share and make it the talk of the town.

11) Light Up the Night Ambience

Make the night wedding unique and dreamy by decorating the venue with brightly lit warm letters and symbols.  

12) Create an Epic Entrance

Enhance the bride’s beauty while stepping into the aisle with beautifully lit arches shaped like flowers or hearts matching the venue decoration.

13) Elevate the Altar

A glowing light representing their love can bestow upon them as the couple takes their wedding vows.

14) Make the ‘I Do’ Official

With all these other decorations, “# I DO” is a must!

15) Make It a Happily Ever After

Seal the memory of the day, the fairy tale wedding and the promises made by the couple with a ‘Happily Ever After’ sign.