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15 Songs That Will Help You Prepare for Your History Exam

The question of whether listening to music indeed boosts productivity remains debated. So does the one concerning using an academic essay writing service if you are too exhausted to complete your papers on time. Yet, both these things are being practiced actively by most students throughout the world.

If you are one of those students who can’t do anything without having music in the background, this article is what you must have been looking for.

We know how important that is to have a solid background to distract yourself from what’s going on outside and focus on work or studies. Hence, in this article, we are going to list a few songs that would be an ideal ‘background noise’ should you need to prepare for a history exam. Their rhythm and tempo will definitely facilitate memorizing and concentration.

Mozart – Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, First Movement

Let’s start with the classics. Music from this era helps a lot in improving your performance and focus. At the same time, it does not let you distract yourself with things going on outside.

You simply dive into the music while reading your history textbook trying to memorize the dates. Just relax and let Western classical music stimulate your mind.

Rude Kid ­– Voices

If it’s music that keeps your mind active, try listening to Rude Kid. This amazing beat will never let you feel sleepy or dreamy while studying. At the same time, it will remove all the background noise to help you focus on the materials you have in front of you.

Riddle – Krazy (Instrumental)

If you can distract from the lyrics being pronounced, a gentle saxophone play, as well as the old hip-hop beat, will drive you away from reality. There, you’ll gain the freedom to read your books or complete the history assignments.

A Tribe Called Quest ­– Electric Relaxation

One of the greatest hip-hop records of all time can help you prepare for your exam. So does a professional essay writing service, which is waiting for your order. The beat of the song is not too heavy to distract you from your studies. At the same time, the production is rich and creates a sweet melody as if it is dedicated to keeping you concentrated.

Youth – Daughter

If you can’t study when a hip-hop beat is playing around, choose this Youth track to hear the vocals, guitar, drums, and simply enjoy. Let your mind distract from the troubles outside and focus on one thing you need the most right now – studying.

The Internet ft. Tay Walker – You Don’t Even Know

There couldn’t be a better combination of the vocals and the instrumentation than the one presented on this track. Playing together, they complement each other in the most mysterious ways. In our opinion, this is the best thing you need to prepare for your exam.

Arizona – Oceans Away (Sam Feldt Remix)

Should you need to add a bit of speed to your learning process, this song is a great choice. It is reviving. So, while listening, you feel as if you’ve just had a vacation near the sea. This is truly the best thing you could be listening to to gain some energy and proceed with your assignments.

Moods – Love Is Real

Playing this track in the background guarantees you zero distraction from the outside world. All you have to do is just embrace the music and let those guitar melodies fill you in. Once you do, there is nothing that you can’t do for your history exam.


If you need something to play in the background and accumulate your inner resources, this track is the best for you. While listening, you are under the impression that the melody is picking up energy from the depth of you so that you could perform better and study harder.

RUFUS DU SOL – Simplicity is Bliss

The title of the track explains what the track tries to bring to you. It really shows that the greatest genius is hidden in simple things. Simple sounds make you feel secured and energized – exactly what you need when it comes to studying.


The Velvet Underground – Run Run Run

If you want to listen to something progressive, turn on the Run Run Run track.  To get lost while studying, this is undoubtedly the best choice.

The Police – Can’t Stand Losing You

This is something most people listen to on repeat. The same story is bound to happen to you as well. Both lyrics and beats are not too hard to listen to. It makes the track great for background noise that’d keep you focused instead of distracted.

Midnight – Original Mix

How do you think writers working for a write my paper service get focused and motivated while staying in the office? Music saves them. So, the tracks recommended by the writing specialists can be a way out as well.

One of them is this Midnight track. Strong bumps and no lyrics guarantee that you’ll focus and concentrate. There is nothing better than atmospheric songs if you want to prepare for your exams.

Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal

All you need for reaching your concentration level-ups is to listen to this song. It’s truly an amazing piece of art that grows in you while listening as if preparing you for great deeds and accomplishments. No lyrics, no hard beats – just a pure energy pool for you to drown out the world.

The XX – Intro


You’ve definitely heard this masterpiece playing everywhere. Yet, we couldn’t miss it in our recommendation. No doubt this is a perfect track for concentration. It creates a soothing sound for you to get lost in if you need to prepare for your exam.

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