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20 Places to Leave Your Business Card

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Business cards have always been a pivotal factor to represent your business. Attractive business cards always tend to attract new leads. That is why it is highly recommended to choose the business card which represents your business the best. Now the main question to ponder upon is how can we attract people towards our business through our business card. One way to come up with new leads that you just won't have contacted otherwise is to leave your business card most of the places where people usually wait like! Waiting rooms, bulletin boards, anywhere you'll leave your card should be direct sales business card. Asking for permission is also a  thing you should never forget. Now, what all can be the places that can have a lot of people visiting with a different field.  

Here is a list of 20 such places you can drop your card at:-

  1. Doctor's office: Visiting doctors is a need of people. They might well advertise your business.
  2. Accountants office: Since they handle financial records, they will advice people about how good would it be if they invest into your business.
  3. Dentist office: Dentists appointments are also very common, as in the case of doctor's office.
  4. lawyers office: Law firms are always crowded. Its a good place to advertise your business.
  5. Courthouse: Many people visit the courthouse and interaction with people is prone at such places so you can drop your catalogues there.
  6. Hospital waiting room: I would say that is the best place as people will be waiting, doing no other jobs and they will come in contact with your catalogue.
  7. Vet waiting room: People have pets, and they visit vets too. So you can interact with people easily at vets'.
  8. Hair salon: As I said before, when people have nothing to do, like while getting their hair dressed, they will find reading your catalogue interesting.
  9. Nail salon: The same case as hair salons.
  10. Tanning salon: Tanning can be time taking, and people finding your catalogues to read amongst the boredom, is a blessing for you.
  11. Restaurant: Especially while waiting for food, people might be interested reading out your catalogue.
  12. Bar: The frequency of people visiting bars is really good. So it will be beneficial for you to leave your business catalogues there.
  13. Public bathroom: Again, people can't avoid using washrooms, and if they find something they are looking for, like your business catalogue then, good for you!
  14. Dressing room: As I said, amidst the boredom while getting dressed, people might find your catalogue interesting.
  15. Gas pump: All cars need gas, and that makes it a very public place.
  16. Library: There are already things to read there and sometimes your catalogue might work wonders at a place like libraries.
  17. Bulletin boards: If people take a glance while passing by on the bulletin board with your catalogue pinned in, they will be aware of your existence.
  18. Pharmacy: Medications are a necessity for many. So people often visit pharmacies.
  19. Bank: I need not explain how banks are excellent to distribute catalogues of your business.
  20. Gym: Body grooming is so much common nkw, and thus gyms are a great place to drop your catalogues.
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