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2018's 5 Top Digital Marketing Trends Reviewed

With 2018 quickly coming to end, it is a time to reflect on what digital marketing strategies were most effective. What can we learn and what can be improved upon in the coming year?

There was a time when topics such as artificial intelligence, chatbots, and visual or voice search were relegated to the fictional world of the sci-fi realm. Who would have thought that we would be utilizing these technologies regularly, and with such great effect, so soon?

With new technologies coming out regularly, the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. Strategies are in a constant state of flux and in this new era. Businesses need to take advantage of what’s on the bleeding edge of tech in order to get ahead of the competition.

To get a better grasp of what marketing trends were most effective in 2018, we’ve broken down a few of the heavy hitters.


Chatbots aren’t necessarily “new” technology at this point. They’ve been around for a little while now. Combining  messaging with voice, and text in order to communicate with consumers is a strategy that’s been in use since before virtual reality was a reality.

Applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have all begun utilizing messenger bots. They can be customized to help advertise various services and products. Not only used to promote and sell, they’re also being utilized with great effect to provide an exceptional and customizable customer service experience.

With the ability to interface with customers immediately to provide information quickly and accurately, chatbots have been a great success. Being able to also collect useful information from their users, chatbots can actively improve the customer service experience.

By providing a much more affordable, efficient, and quick alternative for businesses to deal with customers than a traditional customer service team, chatbots show no signs of going anywhere any time soon!

Artificial Intelligence

It was only a few years ago that Artificial Intelligence was talked about like some esoteric form of black magic. Something that we would not interact within our lifetimes. But times are changing!

Artificial intelligence has started to have a real impact on profitability and revenues. Its use has offered to businesses measurable enhancement to performance in marketing budgets.

Artificial intelligence has analyzed customer search patterns and behaviors with great success. This is done by utilizing data pulled from blog posts and social media platforms. This analysis is being used by leading businesses in order to better understand how customers and users find products.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the previously mentioned chatbots are also becoming increasingly effective, bringing forth a new era of customer service and engagement.

By utilizing Artificial Intelligence, businesses will enjoy increased growth and cost savings, likely enjoying increased market share over the competition.

Influencer Marketing

In these modern times, where social media is commonplace, people are becoming less likely to be influenced by traditional advertisements such as print ads and commercials. People want authenticity and crave real experiences. More than ever, people are taking their influences and getting their opinions to other people over an advertisement. Influencer marketing has stepped in to fulfill this need.

While influencer marketing’s effectiveness is hard to argue against, its cost can add up. Marketers need to make sure to choose their influencers wisely in order to ensure they reach the right people.

An influencer can be anyone from popular bloggers, journalists, YouTube personalities, or even celebrities. These influences are able to use speak to their followers about your product or service in a favorable way. Influencer marketing has also show much better results than the old way of marketing.


Blockchain has been used with great effect in the world of finance for years now. Its benefits have begun to be noticed outside of the financial sector and in the past few years, it has begun to be adopted by digital marketing teams with great effect.

Blockchain technology enabled marketers to better track where their ads are seen and makes it easier to verify that an actual human clicked or viewed the ad instead of an automated bot. This verification makes for much more reliable data that marketing departments can use to gauge customer engagement.

The benefits of blockchain go both ways, in that customers benefit from increased transparency and control with regards to how advertisers use their personal data. Customers are much more likely to be willing to share some of their personal information if they are more trusting of the process. Blockchain increases this trust.

Voice Search

People crave convenience. People on the move more than ever, the use of voice commands and voice search has been on the rise. Since voice-based assistants are available across nearly all mobile phone devices, users are offered much easier and convenient access to the information available to them online.

The increased use of voice-based searching, customers are much more likely to interact with only the top search result for a given query. Marketers now need to tailor their content to solve or answer these questions effectively. A natural, conversational tone should be used. Also, consider how your content sounds. Make it sound spoken aloud as opposed sounding like you're reading from a screen. In markets such as finance, gaming, and health and wellness SEO has always been a driving force in a businesses’ success. In order to maintain an edge, voice search must be given special consideration!

As voice search continues to gain in popularity, a new avenue for advertisement is opening up. Spoken advertisements can now come to consumers’ home speakers.

Technology is ever changing and improving. Digital Marketing teams have to make sure they are regularly reviewing their strategies. Making the best use of current technology will also maintain their edge over the competition.

Staying on the bleeding edge of new technology will ensure future success. Through the use of these innovative new technologies, you’ll be sure to reach the right people. You can also accomplish this with the most effective content possible, ensuring increased sales and conversions!

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