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2020 Best Payment Gateways in USA

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Before we proceed to what are the best payment gateways of 2020, let us first take a vague idea of what payment gateway actually is. 

Payment Gateway is a process of allowing you to accept card payments both in-store and online. In simple terms, it offers the processing of payment done through credit cards both offline and online and also with POS in-store processing.

Few payment gateways simply charge cards ranging anywhere between 1.4% to 3.5% to the merchant owners. But if you come along with the merchant account, you will then have the processing fee reduced to interchange fees which are around .10% to .20% per transaction. 

A simple payment gateway is a best-recommended option for low volume sales for the short term services. It is because of the reason that the monthly fee will sum up the entire processing fees. But if your volume sale reaches up a good sale point, then a monthly fee is a good option. 

The following are a few of the best online Gateway of 2020 that comes with options and advantages. Let’s take a deeper look below.


PayPal is a proud owner boasting with more than 200 million accounts all-around the sphere. It is clearly one of the most favored online payment gateway for website. It has been a helping tool for auction sites, e-commerce vendors, and other global entities that aid in accepting credit cards which includes both the Visa and Amex. It provides customization options, easy cart integration, facilitates card payment over the phone, and online invoicing.

PayPal comes with competitive pricing with no monthly fee dealings and is best suited for low volume merchants.


Stripe is a powerful platform specially modeled for internet business. It is a billion-dollar platform that handles a huge volume of transactions annually. It has always stood out from the rest of other companies because of its innovative and unique ideas and solutions and also offers flexible solutions and tools for customizing your payment processes.

Stripe is more suited for larger firms, offering creation of subscription services, crowdfunding platforms, and on-demand platforms. It is supported by many developing languages such as Python, Ruby, Java, and PHP. 

Merchant Services Broker Solutions

Merchant Services Broker Solutions is one of the best online payment gateway with a dedicated team to help your business grow strong. It suits perfectly for both small and big firms and focuses to match the business needs accordingly. 

The best part about this firm is its reliability, flexibility options, easy set-up, and also affordability, which lacks greatly in the industry. Customers are provided aid round the clock thereby offering technological solutions and other related solutions and services. It comes with varied payment options and also offers other payment modes both online and offline. 

It accepts all kinds of payments such as Apple Pay and PayPal. It also promises the finest security system that’s  complied with PCI so that there is no credit card fraud. 


Payline is another popular payment company providing business solutions to start-up to the business giants. It offers one of the best online payment services and is uniquely modeled to combine more than 175 shopping carts online. It also provides mobile solutions specially designed for accepting payments through mobile apps. In short, Payline payment combines with QuickBooks for easy business financials and payroll management.

Payline comes with flexible pricings and offers tailored services to suit its customers accordingly.


Adyen is a popular firm that is mostly used by giant firms such as Spotify, Uber, eBay, and Microsoft to handle customer and business transactions. It aids you in accepting payment from a single platform while giving you the required tools to take over and manage track results and risks. 

The company accepts payment methods for up to 250 methods and takes over 150 currencies globally. The processing fee of the company varies according to the payment methods, but it uses Interchange pricings along with additional transactions for up to $0.12 for most of the transaction processes. To enjoy these benefits, one needs a merchant account so that you can take advantage of its interchange pricings.


The prime aim of the solutions is to offer streamlined payment processes and the Authorize.net does exactly the same job. It has been developed by keeping the all firm size in mind while offering varied choices and solutions. It also presents you with the tools to take payments done online and also to sell items. 

With these solutions, one can accept the payments from websites and the fund can be transferred to the merchant bank account in a short period. Authorize.net supports all the credit cards like MasterCard, Diner's Club, Visa, American Express, JCB, and Discover. Apart from this, it is also compatible with payment services digitally like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Visa Checkout. 


The above payment gateways are a few of the most commonly and popularly used service providers because of its flexibility and easy options, solutions, and services.

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