25 Years of Gas Range Innovations: Oven, Stove and Cooktop


Innovation in kitchen appliances is seen now and then due to demand and commercial usage. The gas range innovation in the last 25 years has seen great advancement. The commercial need of stoves, cooktops, and oven made the manufacturers work for better and productive delivery of such appliances. In the past 25 years, the following innovation is seen in stoves, cooktops, and ovens so far.

Burner Size

The restaurant convection ovens have enlarged their size due to high demand. In older times, the ovens were in limited form in terms of the burner size. The multiplication of the burners made the cooking much easy and fast. The fast cooking time is all favorite for commercial restaurants.


The modern gas range is now coming with the facilities of shelves. The shelves provide more space and a good place to keep the meal fresh and hot. In the recent past, ovens were just meant to cook the food and bake as per the requirements. But in modern times, the ovens are now more comprehensive and provides great space for not only cooking but also for the storage of food.


Aesthetic Representation

Kitchen appliances are not just meant to provide food, but these days, they are more like a piece of art. The beautifully designed appliances added beauty to the place and made an attractive look to the overall space. Such innovation is real-time and portrays the taste of the restaurant owner.


The cooktops in the contemporary age are smart and advance. It is now very much easy to clean them. There is no hustle in terms of their placement and proper cleaning.  The introduction of ceramic surfacing not only made the task easier but also portrays aesthetic significance to its peak.

Steam Ovens

Ovens in the past were meant to bake and give deep heat. In modern times it has changed; the steam ovens are a new addition in the market, which adds convenience for the chefs. The steaming has become easy and could be done on a larger scale. Steam ovens give steam and also provides moisture to the food.

Refrigerator Range

The range in refrigerators also marks great success in recent times. Refrigerators are of great importance for commercial use. No restaurant can work without proper back up in the refrigerator. It signifies that restaurants’ have sought and achieved great progress in the technology in terms of deep freezers and instant coolers.


Just like any other product, the kitchen appliances have equally seen drastic change and progress in its technology have advanced in every possible way. Kitchen appliances have become state of the art in modern times. It would be right to say kitchen appliances have a great impact on overall commercial business. The restaurants are now looking for more advanced and modernized means to corporate with stylish kitchen tools so they can deliver the best to their customers and also provide quality service to all. 

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