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250 Word Essay Writing Guidelines

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An essay is short writing in which the author expresses his or her point of view on a given issue or topic. Write essay for me which worth an A+ grade implies the ability to clearly and concisely put one's ideas on paper, a rich vocabulary, and a high level of language proficiency.

One of the raw essay formats is a 250-word essay. You may be required to write it as an exam assignment or apply for a job. The 250-word limit can seem like a novel for some people, whereas others may find it extremely hard to make their point with few words. From this article, you will find out how to prepare an A+ worth 250-word essay. Read more tips and find samples on wr1ter.com.

Here are some essential guidelines one should keep in mind when writing a 250-word essay:

1. Always use a formal writing style:

- avoid contracted forms (e.g., isn't, won't you're, don't, etc.);

- avoid general words (e.g., every, any, all), be precise and specific;

- do not use colloquialisms and slang (e.g., cool, kid, gonna);

- try not to use exclamation marks or brackets;

- never use words "but," "and," "also," etc. to start a sentence;

- try to avoid phrasal verbs (e.g., put in, get away with, get off, get away with), replace them with one-word synonyms;

- do not use informal style introductory words (e.g., to tell the truth, well, etc.);

2. Keep up to the academic style:

- avoid first-person personal pronouns (I, we, my, our);

- avoid the all-or-none approach to the problem and generalizations;

- back up your thoughts with quotes and statistic data, indicating the sources;

- gender equality respect is critical.

3. Try to write short and straightforward sentences, periodically adding longer ones.

4. An article is also a word, so do not get too carried away and try staying within the given 250-word framework.

5. A 250-word essay consists of the same parts as any other: the introduction, which presents your thesis, the main body paragraph (or paragraphs) to support the idea, and a conclusion that summarizes the overall writing. In total, you will get 3-4 paragraphs, each consisting of 50-100 words, which equals 3-5 precise sentences per section. As a general idea of the length of each section, you can use the following formula:

- Introduction - about 7-8% of the total volume;

- Conclusion - about 12-15% of the total volume.

6. 250 words is a strict limit. A fine-gauge is a minus or plus 50 words. Still, it would be best if you tried to stay to the 250-word limit as close as possible.

7. Perform a grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistake check.

250 Word Essay Basic Structure

1. Heading – the title of an essay, which reflects the topic you are covering.

2. Introduction – from 2 to 4 short sentences that explore the topic, and a thesis statement at the end.

3. The main body – from 1 to 3 paragraphs that describe the essence of the essay. Expand the topic as thoroughly and competently as possible, provide reasoning and arguments.

4. Conclusion – from 2 to 4 sentences, which summarize everything written before.

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