3 Benefits of AV Control Systems from Neets


Managing your AV solutions is becoming critical for improving efficiencies. The right set up through Neets can have your meetings much more optimized. You can learn more about the benefits of AV control systems from Neets here.

These systems have been surging in popularity and are offering some great benefits to companies who implement them. The three main benefits that you get from a Neets AV control system is improved efficiency, less stress, and beginner friendly.

1.      Increased Efficiency

Controlling all your AV equipment for both in-person and remote meetings is effortless with a control system. You can control every variable, from lights to screen with the click of a button on the home dashboard.

This means you can walk into the meeting room and be ready to go. Instead of walking into the meeting room and thinking it is now clean up time.

2.      Less Stress

When you have a professionally set up AV control system in your workspace, the stress of meetings is gone. You know that setup and organization are not going to be a concern. You know that losing a remote will not ruin a whole afternoon of productivity.

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An AV control system can act as the hub of the whole room. That means you just walk in, tell it what you want, and it happens. Can it be any easier than that?

3.      Beginner Friendly

The best part about working with Neets is the AV control system dashboards they offer. Through these control panels, everything is at the touch of a button. These machines are very intuitive to use.

Neets also provides video tutorials, guides, and community support if you have any questions about using their devices. You can also contact them and receive help or professional set up if needed. All in all, Neets is changing the meeting room.

What is an AV control system?

The modern classroom is usually equipped with a combination of the aforementioned devices. The challenge for the system integrator is to design and install a system that runs smoothly, and just as importantly provides a positive user experience.
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What IT/AV professionals sometimes don't realize is that not all classroom users are equally comfortable with technology. Even digital natives might somehow have difficulty understanding how to use advanced Pro AV equipment.

Therefore, it is essential to design an AV system in the classroom that is easy and intuitive to use, and that improves learning and collaboration, regardless of audience or presenter. One way to make sure this is to use AV control systems and control interfaces. A control system is simply the brains behind all AV equipment installed in a room, connecting and controlling all devices to work perfectly together.

A control interface can be touch or touch, in the form of a touchpad or keyboard. The control interface is the central point of interaction for users, essentially eliminating the need for remote controls for all individual devices in the room and gathering all the necessary functions in a simplified and highly understandable interface.

Can you imagine the chaos that will occur in a classroom if there were no control interfaces? Remote controls would be lost, stolen or hidden by students as a joke. The audiovisual system in the classroom would become immediately unusable, waste the time of teachers and IT administrators and cause a lot of frustration.


As mentioned earlier, a control interface can be a touchpad or a keyboard. The choice between the two depends on the budget, the complexity of the room (number of teams) and the number of control functions required. Whether it's a touch or keyboard interface, having the same one used in each classroom or auditorium gives the teacher a sense of familiarity, safety and comfort. No matter which classroom you're using the day, they know how to operate the equipment and can start right away.