3 Best Tennis Shoes for Beginners


Are you someone who has just started playing tennis? Are you looking for a beginner-friendly shoe that will help you to warm up to the game? Do not worry because you have come to the right place. We will help you find the best tennis shoes for beginners.

Tennis for beginners can feel daunting. It gets more overwhelming when you have to select the correct tennis equipment.

As a beginner, it gets difficult since you did not have much exposure to the game. But, we have got you covered with the list of the top three best tennis shoes for beginners

Best Tennis Shoes For Beginners

1.     Adidas CourtJam Bounce

Adidas CourtJam Bounce is the first tennis shoe on the list. The unique ventilation of the shoe is one of the major factors that attract beginners. This shoe was specifically made as a replacement for the Barricade series by Adidas after they had stopped producing them.

The upper of the shoe is a blend between mesh and synthetic material. This design is perfect for those long matches in the hot climate. Since the upper permits fresh air to flow inside the shoe easily, it allows your feet to breathe by letting the moisture out.

Adidas primarily uses Flexible Bounce while manufacturing the midsole. This material imparts excellent cushioning that will absorb any shock before it even reaches your feet. The multi- layered EVA provides unparalleled comfort.

The Adiwear outsole is not the most durable ones in the market. But, it has a fine abrasion- resistance that will aid your traction on all types of courts.

2.     Nike Court Lite 2

With reasonable pricing, this tennis shoe will also bring you durability and breathability. As the upper of the shoe is made of synthetic and leather materials, it is best for aggressive players who love to play for long hours.

The removable insole comes with a massive advantage because it is easily replaceable whenever it wears out. It is easily washable, and they dry out quickly since you can take the insole out of the shoe. Also, the design is made so that they will provide you with the utmost comfort on the court.

This shoe does not fall into the category of lightweight or heavy- weighted shoes. It falls in the midway with 354 g, making it ideal for beginners as it provides proper balance on the court. The sizing will never be an issue as it fits true to size but needs some break-in period.

3.     Asics Gel- Game 7

Asics Gel- Game 7 is a beginner-friendly tennis shoe as it lessens the chances of going through a severe ankle injury. The upper part of ASICS Gel is made up of mesh material that will aid you with stability and support. This, in turn, will assist you with the lateral movements and quick pivots in the game. The mesh material also provides good comfort and breathability.

The famous GEL Cushioning System of ASICS brand is present in the forefoot. Made out of silicone, this provides bounce back and shock absorption and the volleys and lops on the court.

The durability and traction of the shoe supplied with an unrestricted range of motion in all directions. It is manufactured with a non-marking and a solid rubber outsole that easily accessible on all kinds of court surfaces. Also, it allows you to make short and sharp turns without putting too much strain on your feet.

Concluding Words


Playing tennis as a beginner is all about having fun on the court. Hence, selecting the correct tennis shoe according to your need will help you move a level up.