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3 Design Elements to Enhance Conversion

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It might be easy to think of the design of a website as simply being the unified presentation of brand imagery. And it’s not wrong. But, design can play a much larger role in the overall success (or failure) of your website. Design elements can directly contribute to enhanced conversions, driving higher levels of user engagement than otherwise. Of course, web design and development in Melbourne can be the make or break of these elements; remember, good design is a world apart from bad design. So, here are a few pointers to consider improving if you want to drive home good engagement.


One of the more fundamental elements of design, in general, is that of contrast: pairing two seemingly disparate concepts together (colours, fonts, shapes) to complement and enhance each other. The same can be applied to web design. Embracing an alternate colour scheme that relies heavily on contrasting colour can be a great way to drive conversions. Even just assigning a “call to action button” that is directly contrasted with the main website colour can be a great way to make buttons, links and other elements stand out to drive user engagement. By optimising high-traffic areas to provide greater contrast between areas and elements through the use of colour can deliberately and dramatically improve engagement.


Beyond just simply highlighting elements with contrasting colours, you should work to draw attention to these elements in the rest of your content surrounding them. If you need someone to click on a link or a button, it doesn’t matter what tool you use to get them to engage, just get it done. Everything from graphics, borders, textures, fonts or icons can be utilised to drive user interaction. Simplifying the area immediately surrounding the element and using any combination of the above tools to highlight the element succinctly and efficiently is a great way to increase user engagement.


Your website fundamentally relies on copy designed to sell not only your products and services but to accurately convey brand values in a quick and easy to digest manner. Of course, sometimes we can waffle. Unfortunately, huge swathes of text are not the best way to get users to engage with your business. Working to succinctly summarise the points you want to make, especially surrounding call to action elements is critical towards increasing conversions. As well, the copy that might be incorporated into these elements can also be optimised, taking advantage of action words or words that might encourage low-risk engagement. Anything you can do to convey information as appropriately as possible to the end-user is bound to maximise conversions.

Rely on Web Designers to Assist with Improving Conversion

The point of all this is that conversion doesn’t just come naturally. It’s easy to pull customers to your website, but it’s a lot more challenging to get them to engage. Working with a company offering web design and development in Melbourne is the best way to design, develop, test and track conversion values thoroughly to maximise your long-term engagement with users.

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