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3 digital marketing tools for your small business

Its 2020 folks, that means its time to move online and take the opportunity the internet provides to grow your business. Now, most people think digital marketing is only for rocket scientist but this is far from the case. Once you have the right tools and the knowledge of how to use them you will find online marketing is actually not that hard! Check out these three online marketing tools that will help you to take your business to the next level in the online space.

Google my business.

This is a must for all business owners when people search through Google you want them to find your site based on keywords that trigger the search. The best way to do this is to set up a GMB, Google My Business account. This tool gives potential customers the chance to check out all your company info, including URL, address and contact details. Many businesses such as Jeans from AlignMat Back stretcher has used their GMB account to help grow their online presence, "since setting up my GMB I have seen my traffic and sales double" - Jean, AlignMat.


Canva is a great platform that can turn the most uncreative individuals into graphic designers! It also has an app version so you can design social media post, ads and other content where ever you are, plus its completely free. Canva is super simple to use, with it you can create high quality, appealing visuals for your website, blog and social media accounts. Amber from Hourglass waist Trainer is using canva to help make beautiful images for her Instagram account, "it's so easy to use, I feel like an artist" - Amber.  Canva in both app and desktop have ready-made templates that you can choose from, in a matter of seconds you will have custom-designed content for your business, plus it's super easy to use.

Google analytics.

This is a must for figuring out who is coming to your website and collecting useful data. All you need to do is snippet some code in the backend of your site, you can easily do this yourself or get your web provider to do so. Basically, this little bit of snipped code gives you a backend which tracks all your website date. This is extremely useful for figuring out who your target market is, how long they stay on your site and how they navigate through your site. All of this information will help you to implement better call to actions and improve your conversion rate! John from Reef Mask Snorkels has used GA to help improve conversion, "GA has helped me to learn more about my customers" If you haven't already you need to get your Google analytics going.

There you have it, 3 simple, free tools that can help your small business to grow online. With the coronavirus epidemic hitting the world there has been no better time to take your business to the digital space and with the help of these 2 tools, you will be an online marketing pro in no time.

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