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3 Do's for marketing during Pandemic

The pandemic that has resulted in almost a million infections and tens of thousands of deaths in 199 countries (at the time of this writing) has had major impact on businesses.

·         The U.S. stock exchange experienced its biggest decline since 1987—dropping a staggering 2,353 points in 1 day.

·         Many brick and mortar stores are forced to pack up and close their business.

·         Most businesses have reported a steep decline in customer activity and revenue

Things likely will worsen before they recover, and for businesses to survive this pandemic they have got to be smart about how they approach their operations—particularly marketing.

Here are some dos and don’ts that a Digital Marketing Agency in Cheshire suggest while marketing during a pandemic:

1. Communicate with customers

It’s natural to feel that you simply don't have anything to mention since you’re not a health authority, but an epidemic has ramifications that transcend just the health of the people within the region affected. The COVID-19 pandemic, for instance, has just about pack up most countries and has sent stock markets crashing. People are afraid and panicky about the impact the worldwide crisis has and can still wear their daily lives.

Communicating together with your customers shows that you're sensitive to what is going on on and may empathize with them. With an epidemic the size of COVID-19, during which physical movements are deeply restricted and lots of people are forced to figure from home, it also allows you to reassure customers that your operations and services to them won’t be affected in any way thanks to the changes caused by the pandemic.

Your communication should:

 Acknowledge the pandemic and its impact on your audience’s daily lives

 Empathize together with your audience members and assure them that you’ll be there for them

 Discuss changes that the pandemic has caused in your business, if any, and the way the changes affect them

 Reassure them of the standard they ought to expect from doing business with you, and allow them to know that this won’t be impacted by the pandemic

2. Restrategize and focus your marketing efforts

While many businesses have suffered significant losses as results of the COVID-19 pandemic, not all are affected negatively. In fact, some have experienced their biggest growth:

·         As trend shifts toward remote work, video communications company Zoom has seen its stock almost double since the pandemic began rising upto 22% in a single day despite the rest of the Marketing coming down crashing.


·         Ecommerce giant Amazon has experienced surging demands beyond what it can handle and says it'll need to hire a minimum of 100,000 extra workers.

·         Masks, respirators, hand sanitizers, tissue papers, and other health-related items have experienced such great demand that they are mostly out of stock—resulting during a boom for the businesses manufacturing them.

These are just a couple of illustrations of companies in several industries that are experiencing major successes in COVID-19 pandemic, and that they demonstrate that each cloud features a bright side .

For you as a business, this suggests you've got to be smart about how you market your products and to whom you market; on behalf of me as a contract writer, the answer at now isn’t to start out trying to find subsequent best marketing service but instead to spot thriving niches and prospect for potential clients in these niches. If you run a marketing agency, this could be an honest time to refocus your efforts and begin targeting businesses in these thriving segments. If you’re within the hospitality industry, you don’t necessarily got to stop marketing but instead specialise in planning for when business can return to normal. no matter the character of your business, you'll always restrategize.

3. Review your automated marketing activities

Automation is great and could be the reason for most of your business revenue—but that was before the pandemic. If you keep those automations active without updating them to reflect changes caused by the pandemic might cause you to appear insensitive and more focused on profits than people.

Make sure you review your automated marketing activities including email messages, ad campaigns, and other aspects of your business.

Final thought

While many businesses have stopped all marketing efforts thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, now's an honest time to extend your marketing efforts while following the above best practices.

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