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3 Effective Ways to Heat Your Pool

Heating your swimming pool using nature’s free energy i.e. sunlight is not only an energy-efficient pool heating method but also its environmentally-friendly. Here, we’ll discuss effective ways to heat your pool water, so you can enjoy your dive for extended duration:

When your pool water is very cold then it becomes difficult for you to swim and if you’re the one who likes to swim all around the year except for the winter, then you can easily extend your swimming season by installing an efficient pool heating system.

Swimming Pool Heating
Heat Your Swimming Pool Sydney

1. Solar Panels for Heating Your Pool

Solar panels generate energy rather than heat, which is the greatest difference from a solar boiler. The sun’s free energy is completely environmentally-friendly and is used to heat your home and your pool using an electric heating system. It’s best to blend solar panels with an electric heating system like a heat exchanger for better results and swiftly heating your home or pool.

The cost of solar panels relies on the number of panels, capacity and quality of solar panels, their type, as well as, the family size. The bigger the family is greater energy needs to be produced. Solar panels also need a big surface area that should ideally face southwards.

Solar panels can heat your pool flawlessly. What you need is a considerable surface area to install the solar panels and sizeable upfront budget.

2. Heat Pump for Heating Your Pool

Solar energy makes you depended on Sun’s light and for those cloudy days where sun simply refuses to show up, a heat pump is an ideal substitute that doesn’t depend on the sun for energy. Besides, a heat pump offers great benefits such as:

  • It’s easy-to-use,
  • It’s cost-effective,
  • It operates efficiently and
  • Is sturdy.

Compared to a fuel-powered or gas heating system, a heat pump is much more environmentally-friendly. Moreover, a heat pump will serve you longer. Choose a high-quality heat pump if you want a resourceful and dependable pool heating.

Swimming Pool Heater
swimming pool solar heating

3. Pool Cover Helps to Keep Your Pool Water Warm for Longer

It’s important to heat the water and it’s equally important to keep the water warm for as long as is possible, which means you can minimise the use of your heating system. To significantly lower the cooling down of your pool water, it’s better to cover the pool with a tarpaulin, or an automatic roller system that’s more effective but a bit pricier.

Better yet is to install solar slats, which will help water temperature to gradually rise automatically when the pool is not in use. This will help you to save a lot of energy year after year; in 2 to 3 years it can repay your investment, lowering the energy intake of your heating system.

When you use a swimming pool cover, it can restrict the heat loss by 50%. Moreover, when you use solar slats along with an automatic cover, then it can increase your pool’s water temperature considerably.

Final Words

To extend your swimming season, you should ideally combine all the three processes explained above to heat up and preserve your pool water effectively:  

  1. Solar panels for heating your pool on normal sunny days.
  2. The heat pump will help to heat your pool on cloudy days.
  3. Use a pool cover to preserve the water temperature.

Well, combining all three processes lets you enjoy your dive everyday and help you to swim for the extended season during the year

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