3 Employee Scheduling Software Solutions for Small Businesses


Employee scheduling software solutions are very important. In short, they make it easy to automate work while also being able to fully adapt and improve the schedule as a whole. On top of that, a small business can rely on this to implement a better work routine, something that will eventually help bring in a lot more value to the customer. And yes, you get to spend less money on this too, not to mention you can avoid wasting time, so it’s a good thing all around.

With so many benefits associated with employee scheduling software, it’s still a wonder why more businesses and brands aren’t using them in their everyday operations. Not only are they cost effective and quite simple to implement, they are also catered to the needs of businesses of all sizes.

To help with the decision process of whether or not a scheduling solution is right for your business or brand, we wanted to highlight some of the best options on the market today. Each of them are different in their own way, but the common goal is always the same--save time and provide better employee management.

When I Work

When I Work is a very popular employee scheduling software and it’s designed to just make scheduling a breeze. Unlike other tools that are complicated right from the start, this one has the benefits and value you want, not to mention the quality is pretty impressive too. That being said, it will take a little trial and error to make it work the way you want, and the value itself will impress everyone that loves this type of content.

You can use this tool to create the schedule for an entire week for every employee. They have templates, you add shifts and then you can see who is qualified for tasks. In addition, you can share the schedule with everyone in the database with just a click. When “I Work” really wants to make the employee scheduling a breeze and they do bring in a very impressive result and a ton of value without any sort of rush. That’s what really sets the tone for something very impressive, and in the end that’s the thing that will push towards the next level in a very rewarding manner.



Employee schedule management can be really tricky for the most part. But the truth is that with the right solution like Homebase you will get the job done a lot easier. They have a lot of tools designed to track time and perform team management properly--whether that be for in-house employees, team members or even that of a social media marketing team. The most important aspect for this is definitely time tracking and onboarding. They also have a stellar team communication system, not to mention a pretty impressive onboarding and tracking process. It certainly delivers the value that you want and at the same time you will appreciate just how dependable and reliable it can really be.

They also cover hiring and onboarding, so your new hires will have the right information they need without that much of a hassle. Homebase also integrates a pretty good team communication solution, and for the most part it will be exactly what you need. You can adapt and adjust everything, customize as needed, and that’s where the true power of this service comes into play.


Timesphere does a very good job when it comes to employee scheduling and it has a very comprehensive service. It can be suitable for just about any industry, and you can choose to fully customize it based on your needs. It’s an incredible tool that you can use, and the fact that it has so many features really makes it one of a kind. You do want to test it out and see how it works for your industry, but that’s what will give you the efficiency and value that you want.

The Timesphere system is very easy to implement and they do have a team that will assist you if anything is wrong or if you have questions. This solution has been a common favorite for small businesses and brands that are managing a team of virtual assistants from different locations around the world. Moreover, you will have plenty of security features, and they also have a multitude of unique ideas and features to explore. That really helps make a huge difference, and you will appreciate the way it all comes together.

Top Employee Scheduling Solutions for All Businesses

After reading through our review article on some of the best employee scheduling software solutions available on the market today, you should have a much better understanding on how the process works and why they are now in so much demand from businesses of all sizes.

It’s also not enough to simply pick a name and then go with the solution. Instead, every organization needs to take a moment to write out what their goals, needs and budget is for having such a solution in place. After that, they will then need to conduct the necessary research and comparison process for each solution out there. It’s also a good idea to read client reviews and ratings that can be found through Google.

Overall, these are some great employee scheduling software options and you will find them a pleasure to check out. Of course there are tricky challenges that can arise, but if you do that wisely, nothing can stand in your way. Just make sure that you take your time and test them out, then customize as needed. It will indeed make a massive difference!