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3 Essentials for Laying the Right Startup Foundation

The one thing that all startup operators want is for their business to grow. While there are obvious risks when it comes to developing a brand too quickly, or too slowly, expansion always needs to be the goal. The only way to scale up operations securely is to ensure that you have the right foundation in place. With the proper groundwork, you make it far more likely that your vision will grow into what you hope. That means developing the right infrastructure to support those hopes. Rather than looking at the long-term strategies from day one, here are the 3 essentials you must focus on before you start to work on growth.

Using Your Data

Startup operators tend to be relatively tech-savvy and should be well aware of the need to track, collect, and analyze data. No startup can expect to grow if it is not using the key metrics that are available to all businesses. A mistake that is common in startupsis the assumption that data is only of value once the operation is up and running. In the digital age and the hard-fought startup sector, you need to focus on being a data-driven operation before you start trading. Make sure you understand the value of multiple data sources and build your startup using a variety of metrics to create a more secure foundation.

Have the Right Tools

Modern businesses have access to such a wide range of high-tech tools and resources that it can be very difficult to know what to prioritize. While your startup needs to have basics in places, such as accounting software or task management software and collaboration tools, you must build the toolkit that will adapt to your growth. Make sure that you have the best task management software available, as this can make your organization more productive, more efficient, and faster to identity workflow bottlenecks. Never consider a startup launch without the right toolkit in place.

In-built Agility

Scaling up is clearly the goal, but what happens if you need to scale down? If you fail to develop a foundation for your startup, it will be easy to make hasty mistakes like hiring too many people. That can make it very slow to adjust direction, and that’s bad news in the fast-paced world of the modern startup. The ability to pivot when needed and embrace new directions is essential, and that means having too large a team is always going to be a mistake. If you're still considering the concept of your product, then that means it is too early to start hiring. Rather than hiring, outsource the essentials such as:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Digital marketing and PR
  • Call centers
  • Receptionists

Outsourcing means your startup gets access to specialist knowledge and expertise, without the regular wage costs of full-time staff. If you want to be more agile, outsource.

When it comes to launching a successful startup, the right foundation is not a guarantee of success. It is, however, much more likely that you will start to scale in the right direction. If your only goal is startup growth, then you will lack the basic infrastructure that allows for the steady development of your venture. If you're planning a launch and you're only dreaming about what happens when you make it big, it might be time to start thinking about the many mistakes that can happen on the way.

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