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3 Factors for Using CTAs to your Advantage to Make a Business Portal Look the Part

Online shopping is one of the most popular activities on the Internet and is a form of e-commerce. It offers a substitute for the retail of brick and mortar stores that we have seen throughout our lives. Although these stores are still available for shopping, most of us now look for convenience and shop from the comfort of our homes.  

Shopping on the go is another form of it, as smartphones and handheld devices have made it easy for anyone to shop online regardless of their location. Many online shopping portals record brisk sales, but the competition has become tough with the influx of such stores. These portals are now trying every trick in the book to get the attention of online shoppers, but only a handful of them get to their goal. Before developing your app always go for a dedicated server to host your app on because dedicated server is a single-occupant hosting solution. The full resources of the hardware are at your removal, and you can tailor those resources to the needs of your app as you desire.

The web design of online shopping portals is one of the most important aspects to lure their target audience. In a big, metropolitan city like Dubai, the opportunities are abundant, but the competition is also fierce. That's the reason you need to think out of the box and come up with a solid marketing plan to get going. So, how to proceed and what to do to make things easier for you? 

One factor in this regard is smart Call to Action (CTAs) buttons and text on any website or social media platforms. Read on as I discuss how CTAs can prove to be a game-changer for exquisite website designing for online shopping portals.

1. The Visual CTA

CTA must be offered so that a visitor on a website knows how and where to proceed. Think of what you need to do to excite your audience to no end. A CTA doesn't need to be something out of this world, but a simple image in a blog can do the trick for you. You have to properly link that image to a page on which you want engagement. 

Generating leads from visuals is a great way for small businesses and startups to make a mark for themselves. But it isn't easy as the image and the CTA should be well thought of and must complement the product. The copy that you will use on the CTAs will decide whether your visitors will click upon it or not. Using social media images to advantage is one of the best tricks in the book to make it happen.

Social Media Images

We all know that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are insanely popular. Billions of people regularly check their feed and update their status on these networks, not to mention also browsing through hundreds and thousands of posts. Images and videos get people's attention like no other medium, and that’s where visual CTAs can make things perfect for businesses. 

Perfecting the images in this concern Is a big worry for virtually all businesses. And that's where the support from a reputed web design company in Dubai can be of great help.

The placement of the call to action button on your page is also of great importance. You just cannot put a city on top of the page like a banner for right at the bottom of it. Usually, blogs are used to get the readers' attention through CTA that can make a difference. Again, a designer's role here could be the difference in making the CTA the savior for you rather than just another image on your website.

2. CTA Design Concerning the Entire Page

CTAs need to be exceptional when it comes to the design and layout of the entire page. This may sound odd after the previous point but let me explain my point to you. It is all about the placement of the CTA and related to the design of that particular page. Surely, CTA is a big requirement, but when it comes to keeping up with the design, it is also vital. You cannot put CTAs everywhere to get the visitors' attention as it will count as spamming. 

Most companies usually commit the mistake of stuffing every inch of their webpage with some content.  Their idea is to get as much content as possible on the website as they are not sure what can get the attention of all their visitors. Negative space is as much important as the design so that the CTA can be highlighted. The ultimate goal of a website to get quality leads, and when the city is visible, the goal can be achieved.

3. High-Quality Content

Now, this is something that is a given, and virtually every business person must be aware of it. But most of the websites commit a serious mistake in offering content to their visitors that is plain mediocre. They think of writing headlines and CTA but don't pay much attention to the text they put on the website. Again, you may think it has to do with the website's design, but it is the overall package that must be produced deftly. 

While most visitors skim through the content and concentrate more on the images and videos, the written text should also make some sense. The website's design can be enhanced with appropriate text that highlights the features of the product and how it can be used. Short videos and animation can make this possible, but still, some content is needed. Some of the visitors would like to know in detail about what your product can do for them. That's where detailed case studies and blogs are available on many websites to make everyone.  

Business owners need to think about how they are going to get the attention of their visitors. Phrases like “Click here to know more” or “What’s New” will not work in this era. “Start your journey here” and “Get the best offers” are more like it. Think out of the box to mail your marketing campaign after investing so much in web design. A complete package is what your prospective visitors look for to get everything that can work in favor of them.

Over to you

I am sure that some of my visitors would like to share their experience with us to offer their bit to this blog. And if you think that you need some clarification for any of the aspects mentioned here, you are more than welcome to speak up.

For any feedback too, please use the comments section below. 

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