3 Facts you probably didn't know about Caterpillar

3 Facts you probably didn't know about Caterpillar

3 More Secrets About Caterpillar

If you have even the slightest bit of interest in construction and the way it works alongside mining and machinery, it is almost close to impossible that you haven’t heard of Caterpillar. It is a premier brand name when it comes to providing equipment for most construction and mining machinery and has been out there since 1925!

When they started off, the company was only serving one industry but today, they stand with 27 industries that are benefiting for Caterpillar products and services. The reach too, has made a whopping jump from a mere 1 country to 180 of them. You don’t make so much progress if you aren’t good at what you’re doing!

As one of the leading companies in the business that they exist in, Caterpillar has quite a lot of history that needs to be shared with people. Not just history, there are also certain landmark decisions and changes made within the company that have led to it becoming one of the best at what they do with a magnanimous reach. They have very well capitalized on that reach and now provide Detroit ECM for Sale too!

Keeping all of that in mind, here are four interesting facts that you probably had no idea about in regards to Caterpillar:

  1. It wasn’t always Construction!

Today, you see all these vehicles sporting the CAT Logo rather proudly on one side of the plethora of vehicles. However, this wasn’t always the case when it comes to Caterpillar or CAT, as most people would know it as. When they began back in the year 1925, Caterpillar was a farm equipment company founded and formed by Benjamin Holt alongside Daniel Best. It was a merger between Holt Manufacturing Company and Best Tractor Company that gave birth to what is known as Caterpillar, now.


Even though, they were set to make it bigger with more products and services later, till the 1940’s farm tractors remained their top produce. There was a reason these two guys were thought of as the premiers of the agricultural industry back then. In the year 2002, Caterpillar decided that farm equipment was no longer going to be a produce for them on a larger scale and proceeded to sale out its equipment in regards to the farm business to AGCO.

There was no looking back after that for the company as it swiftly and rather profitably made its way into becoming the top manufacturer for construction and mining needs!

  1. Caterpillar’s Shades of Grey

We all think of Yellow, the moment the name and mention of CAT crosses our sight or mind. However, that hasn’t always been the case for the company. Till the year 1931, the company logo and colour was grey! The reason to switch from grey to yellow was the idea that they wanted the colour to be more highway oriented. Interestingly, the yellow used today is slightly different from the original yellow that was introduced back in 1931.

  1. Profitable Relationships all along!

There are very few companies in the world which still operate with people who have been around them since the very beginning. Caterpillar is one of those companies. Even though it is a very well connected company today, they still have some dealers that have been associated with them since the foundation year. Today, their net worth stands at an approximate $23.4 billion. That is a lot of money which can only come into play if the company has been networking and selling well!

Is there something interesting that you might have read about the company somewhere and we missed out? Let us know!