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3 Fire Safety Gadgets to Add an Extra Layer of Safety Against Fire Hazards

Home is supposed to be a safe sanctuary so it is important that it is free of hazards. Safety of the family should always be a priority. Fire safety gadgets and prevention should be on top of your list. Every house most likely has the standard precautions against fire hazards like getting a mains powered smoke alarm installation. But when it comes to safety, there is nothing wrong with going the extra mile. Nowadays you can find so many technological gadgets that will provide an extra layer of protection against fire hazards.

Here are a few fire safety gadgets that are worth the investment.

Smart Smoke Detector:

Smoke detectors are crucial for ensuring fire safety as they alert you and help in minimizing the damage. The smart smoke detectors are a much better option than the regular one. It is full of excellent features that can offer better security against fire hazards.

The smart smoke alarms will save you a lot of trouble. You do not have to worry about the battery running out as you will get an alert on the phone before the battery gets too low. It will make sure that you change the battery and keep the alarm running.

You do not have to worry about false alarms as it has the ability to differentiate between steam of the shower and fire smoke. It also looks for the presence of carbon monoxide. The smart alarm also automatically shuts the thermostat so that potential spread of smoke and carbon monoxide is reduced in case of a fire.

Safe Space Heaters:

Space heaters offer warmth and comfort but they can also be a bit tricky. You may have trouble with these heaters as they can get too hot sometimes and other times not hot enough. If you want to enjoy the warmth of heaters without making it a fire hazard then you need to find a heater equipped with new technology.

You can find heaters that have both cooling and heating features. If you have small kids in the house then you should look for models that have no exposed heating elements. It keeps the people safe as even if they touch the heater accidentally, it will not burn. There are heaters that come with a timer so that it turns off once you are asleep. It will ensure safety and save money.

App-Controlled Smart Outlets:

There are a lot of smart fire safety gadgets that give you peace of mind and extra protection. One of the great additions to the fire safety of the house is to get smart outlets. You can control the smart outlets with apps.

If you forgot to switch off the space heater or unplug the coffee maker, you do not need to drive back home. You can simply switch off the outlet from a remote location using the smart phone. It will save you a lot of trouble and you will also save money.

Fire safety should always be taken seriously and you should not refrain from upgrading it from time to time.

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