3 Important Packaging Considerations for E-Commerce Businesses in 2019

e-commerce packaging

We are already three months into the new year and it’s an excellent time to mull over the state of the e-commerce packaging industry. By understanding what trends are taking off and where the industry is heading in 2019, you will be in a better position to ensure your organization stays current and competitive.

From considering operational budgets to growth planning, advancement in technology, customization and customer buying preferences, it’s crucial to stay abreast of changes. To help you successfully manage your business and cater to customers’ needs, here are some significant e-commerce packaging considerations for 2019 and beyond.

The Right Budget for Packaging Solutions

Establishing a budget can allow you to better manage the financial position of your business. However, as new packaging advancements and trends emerge, it’s critical to visit your budget for packaging solutions every year. For starters, you can brood over different types of packaging materials you can use in 2019 to comprehend what you can afford to pay for.

There are a variety of factors that can hamper your cost-benefit ratio, so it’s unclear what specific prices one should expect. Despite that, you can plan your packaging budget by taking these insights on the packing materials and choices into account:

  • Packaging Boxes: Typically, e-commerce stores leverage three types of boxes to encase their products. These boxes tend to be segregated on the basis of the following general cost scale:

Folding Cartons = Inexpensive


Corrugated Boxes = Slightly Expensive

Rigid Boxes = Highly Priced

  • Flexible Packaging: This packaging solution offers numerous benefits ranging from conforming to your goods to rendering a higher product-to-package ratio, which can reduce your manufacturing cost. Plus, it can simplify your packaging process by eliminating extra steps like capping or labeling.

You also get multiple options when it comes to shipping protections, which includes protective air pillows, poly mailer bags, and stretch wrap. Moreover, it’s more affordable to ship internationally and domestically because it doesn’t weigh too much.

The Advancement in Technology

Over the past few years, the demand for custom packaging solutions has increased drastically, and this trend is expected to continue in the days to come. Thanks to the advancement in printing technology, brands have been able to see more unique customizations.

Check out some emerging trends in custom packaging

  • High-grade finishing and digital printing like foil and polymers.
  • Superior branding effects such as spot coating, foil stamping, varnish, embossing, nontraditional colors, and shapes to create an upscale feel.
  • Structural designs that are created to serve unique needs.
  • Innovative locking mechanisms for childproofing packing.

These advancements in printing technology have empowered packaging firms to carve unique designs and offer the fastest turnaround time by quickly manufacturing the packages. In addition, it has lowered the cost of custom printed packaging. As a result, companies of all sizes are now opting for custom packaging.

Customer Buying Preferences

Today, consumers are more familiar with the environmental effects of packaging and waste. Therefore, brands, too, need to show their concern for econ-consciousness. This will help you reduce the carbon footprint and give you the opportunity to tap into new markets that are highly receptive to sustainable packaging.

Moreover, sustainable packaging solutions such as cardboard boxes that are recyclable, low in price and appeal to environmentally conscious buyers. Since minimalistic packaging design consumes less energy in manufacturing and occupies less space during transit. All in all, sustainable packaging can elevate customer trust and improve your brand positioning.


To achieve efficiency, customer loyalty, and profitability, businesses need to consider much more than day-to-day tactics. To propel your sales in 2019 and beyond, you must stay current on the industry trends and innovations, and consult an experienced packaging supplier like The Legacy Printing. A firm that has a strong history of delivering quality custom packaging at affordable prices.