3 iOS Apps That You Must Install on Your iPhone in 2021


If you are using iPhone then you have an option to install a lot of applications from the App store. These applications make your iPhone more productive and you can manage your daily routine work and can get help for a lot of different tasks.

Here are 3 iOS apps that you must install on your iPhone in 2021.

Call Recording App

Basically, the call recording feature on mobiles is not legal in many countries. But, if it is done in the right way then it is legal. Like you can ask the other person that you are going to record this call, and if he says "Okay, go ahead", then it is legal for you to record a call on iPhone or Android.

Do many people want to know that if there is any way to record an iPhone call for free? Unfortunately, there is no third-party automatic call recording app for iPhone that works for free.

TapeACall is one best and professional call recorder app for iPhone that you can easily find on App Store. You can use this call recorder on your iPhone as a free trial for 7 days. After 7 days you need to buy the subscription.

A test for the TapeACall app was done by iPhone-AppStore and they found that the voice quality of the recorded sound for both sides was very clear and good. In a few attempts, they found that there is some slight noise during the call recording but that is very little noise that you can neglect.

Fitness and Workout App

Many say that Smartphones are not good for the health as most people spend a lot of time on their phones. According to them, it can affect your eyesight, and most importantly it can be dangerous for your fitness as you might become a fat person if you spend a lot of time playing games or using social media apps on your iPhone. 

But, if you install a fitness and workout app on your iPhone then you can prove those people wrong and you can improve your fitness with the help of your iPhone. 

Nike Training Club is one of the best iOS fitness apps that you can find on the App Store. With the help of this amazing application, you can improve your workout routine and can follow it strictly. The app will take care of your daily routine, the calories you take during the day. It will also take care of the calories you burn during your workout session.

Security Camera App

Security of your house is very important that is why you have installed the CCTV cameras around and in your house. But, without an iPhone security camera app, your CCTV camera system is not as useful as it could be.

Here you can check the best security camera apps for iPhone.

iCamViewer is a great iPhone security camera app that can be used to monitor the surveillance system of your house. This amazing utility app supports 16 IP cameras. 

You can use this security camera app on your local network, or you can also monitor the security cameras with the help of iCamViewer, remotely on the internet.

This app is compatible with iOS 8.0 and above. You can use it on your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini.