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3 IoT Technologies that Could Impact the Consumer Market in 2019

The Internet of Things solutions (IoT) by chance if you are not familiar with it, is the fate of ALL innovation. The Internet of Things will interface 50 billion gadgets by 2020.

The Internet of Things is the system of physical devices that have technology embedded in them to communicate and sense or connect with their inward states or the outside environment.

Everything from the telephones we convey in our pockets, to the autos we drive, to the structures in which we work and live, will be connected to vast systems of information.

Soon there might be a worldwide arrangement of interconnected PC systems, sensors, actuators, and gadgets all utilising the web convention which holds such a significant amount of potential to change our lives that usually it is called the next generation of internet.

Below are the three IoT devices that could impact the consumer market in 2019:

#1. Connected Cars:

Let’s sneak peek into the future and understand what is stored for 2019 when it comes to connected cars:

  • Driverless cars: The initial years of this technology had a lot of shortcomings; one of the major factor being - on road security. The installed sensitivity of the systems has made it possible for the cars to detect vehicles on the road - making them a lot more secure than how they were earlier.  
  • Vehicle Healthcare: Connected cars have predictive maintenance in place. It means that the vehicle’s performance, health, and reliability can be monitored and be looked after using the connected car's platform. Owing to this, the rate of unexpected breakdowns have largely decreased.
  • Personal Digital Assistant: Personal Assistant is an artificial intelligence and AI-powered system that acts in response to the user's commands. It is an addition in the connected car solution that processes users instructions.

#2. Retailers:

The store layout plays a major role in increasing the sales of a store. With microprocessors and infrared radiations in the store, one can analyse and understand the behaviour of the mass. One can optimize the layout of the store, once the consumer trends are maps.

Smart shelves is another advancement which helps in keeping a track of items in stock, what is selling and which stock needs to be refilled. These shelves have weight sensors that are capable of detecting the weight of the product. This helps the storekeeper to keep an eye on which product is placed on the incorrect shelf. This makes inventory management cost effective.

One can devise their application wherein they can do personalized user profiling. In this practice, the store owner understands user behaviour by mapping the products they are looking for.

To improve customer recall and engagement, the store can send in-app notifications of the discounts offered, personalize the feed as per the needs or entice the buyer by sending them personalised offers or consumer buying trends.

#3. Health care:

Because of IOT the scope of healthcare has increased and is easily accessible to the people. This sector can leverage the IoT driven data system that essential to develop an embedded system. These systems can remotely collect patient data.

With the help of microcontrollers, this data can be fetched by different medical practitioners across the world who have access.

The data can be used to analyse and device remedy to the medical condition. The pool of specialised doctors can look closely into the problem area and communicate wirelessly.

The upcoming year is a promising one, and the pace of research, developments and implementations make this year even more progressive.

With these pacing developments, a name that has always been associated with these trends is HARMAN Connected Services. The company has invariably powered companies to develop solutions customised to the companies needs.

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