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3 KPIs that matter most to every Inbound Call Centre

At the present time, no one can ignore the importance of both outbound and inbound call centres as these help their clients in running the business in an effective manner. Generally, companies of all sizes avail customer care services from inbound call centres so that business’s credibility can’t be affected at any cost.

To keep clients’ trust and loyalty for a long duration, call centres track several metrics. Such metrics are ‘Average after call work time,’ ‘Agent absenteeism,’ ‘Call completion rate,’ etc. But there are some KPIs that inbound call centres cannot even consider to ignore. And today we will talk about those KPIs, so let’s get started:

  • Average time in queue

For better customer satisfaction score, waiting time should be kept low as much as possible. It is so because customers don’t like to wait in a queue for a long time span. Whenever waiting time gets increased the tolerable range, customers are more likely to drop the idea of availing support service. As a negative consequence, this leads to negative WOM that certainly isn’t good for the business’s brand image.

That’s why every reputed inbound call centre track KPI named as ‘Average time in queue.’ This metric shows the total time customers wait in a queue divided by the total number of customers responded by support agents. By means of this metric, inbound call centres judge the productivity levels of their agents.

In a nutshell, it is a great indicator to measure how well the volume of customer service queries is being handled.

  • Customer churn rate

Do you know why business owners avail services from a reputed call centre? ‘To secure high customer retention.’ To make certain that clients don’t get disappointed, it is significant for call centres to deliver the best during customer interactions. In addition, the services of call centres could come into question if the customer turnover rate snowballs.

To ensure a long-term relationship with clients, every inbound call centre keeps a close eye on one metric; ‘Customer churn rate.’ In addition, call centres always try to come up with some efficacious strategies that ensure that this KPI doesn’t show a sign of jump.

  • Average speed of answer

Another most important metric that every well-known inbound call centre tracks is ‘Average speed of answer.’ This KPI is very important as it shows the average time that support agents take to answer customer calls.

Tracking this metric is prominent because if support agents don’t respond to received requests within a specified time frame, the hassle of call hang-ups is more likely to take place. This is surely not good for the business’s reputation.

Furthermore, inbound call centres also record those calls that went for a long duration in order to identify those issues that often kill agents’ precious time. After that, suitable actions get taken so that intricate issues could be solved quickly next time.

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