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3 Office Organization Tips

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Rate the cleanliness of your workspace on a scale from one to ten. What could be tidied up? Is there anything you can’t easily find? Are you able to keep totally focused on your work? As you consider these questions and compose your rating, consider how a more cleanly laid out desk or office would help you take on the day’s challenges. This article will cover some ideas on how you can make your workspace as effective as possible.

Inventory Management

In the same way a warehouse professional will keep track of everything coming in and out of the warehouse, you need to keep track of everything coming into or out of your workspace. Keep in mind that these items can be both physical and digital. Create an inventory of everything in your workspace. From there, organize all of these items into categories or use cases. Then, arrange your space to manage these categories. One drawer in a desk can be for office supplies. You might spring for a filing cabinet to have a place to store physical copies of signed contracts. Perhaps a set of shelves would give your office knick-knacks a better decoration spot to keep your desk free of clutter. Are your email archive labels helping you keep track of tasks and projects? So long as you have an intentional system in mind, your space will become more useful and easier to manage.

Take out the Trash

Set a regular schedule for reviewing your inventory and removing items that are no longer needed. Are you hanging on to years-old reports? Did a vendor come by with a funny trinket that’s cluttering up your space? Is your email inbox full of messages that only serve as archives of completed tasks and projects? Eliminate unneeded things. If you’re unsure if something is unneeded, pack it away and store it out of your office. If you don’t go to find it for any reason within a month, then you can probably throw it out. For paperwork that clutters your space but is necessary, you may consider means of digitizing those files.

Consider Your Time

As you work on keeping organized, consider the difference between efficiency vs productivity. In essence, this an analysis of being reactive versus being proactive. Where efficiency is about managing limited resources effectively, productivity is about making the most of your time. As you lay out and organize your space; do so from the mindset of what will help you stay on task and focus on using your time effectively. Consider what will be in your field of vision. Are there distracting decorations or does where you are looking center in on completing work? Consider your range of hearing. What sounds are possible distractions? These could be people chatting in an open-office environment or your music playing a couple of decibels too loud for you to concentrate. Consider your calendar? How frequently are you shifting tasks? Too frequently to pay close attention to your work or so infrequently that you get burned out trying to accomplish a single task? Arrange your day around a schedule that keeps your mind refreshed and focused. Keep in mind when you will need to be up and about attending meetings or doing work outside of your office workspace.


At the end of the day, you want to be successful in the work you pursue. Your success can be magnified by an organized layout of the spaces you work in and a focused approach on how to keep yourself on-task. Find what works best for you by taking the time to review what you want out of your workspace. Implementing these ideas might seem like a burden on your time. Don’t be fooled; they will require some additional effort to consider and implement. But your work is like going on a long road trip; you are never so in a hurry that you don’t fill up the tank with gas.


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