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3 Option to Buy Genuine Ford Car Parts for Your Car

If you own a Ford and are relatively a newbie in owning this brand, one of the biggest concerns you will face while servicing and repairing is, where to get the parts? Those who have been proud owners of Ford cars are well acquainted with the best dealers in the locality or outside, but when you are new to the league, there are three options to choose from while buying Ford car parts. 

If you bought the car from a franchised dealer, the reliance is formed as you can be assured that the dealer will provide you the original car parts when replacement is needed. However, if you have a reliable independent dealer who can provide you the car parts at discount, why not go with that? Again, when you require any car part in an emergency, the most affordable choice can be the fast-fit chain on the road. 

Sounds confusing, isn’t it? So, here are the advantages and disadvantages of each dealer option to help you choose the most suitable one:

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Franchised Dealer

While searching for Ford car parts, the franchised dealer of Ford Motor Company will undoubtedly be well-acquainted with the vehicle and its mechanism. These mechanics and technicians are trained to work with each part of each car made by this specific company. They keep abreast of the recent updates, service bulletins, special tools used in complicated jobs, and necessary repair or development for a specific Ford model.

The advantages of getting the car parts from a franchised dealer are

  • They have great experience of working with all models of Ford cars.
  • They are familiar with the Ford car parts used in troubleshooting and other functions 
  • They use only authentic parts dealers; supplied by the company with manufacturer warranty
  • They follow the service schedule and standard of the manufacturer

The only disadvantage is with the brand name, each part becomes more expensive by around 18% on average. However, in this competitive market, the franchised dealers also offer discounts on the car parts as a “goodwill gesture”.

Independent Dealers

If you frequent the local garage for regular servicing instead of the franchised store, chances are that you will have a friendly relationship with that independent dealer. The Ford car parts imported by these dealers are generally authentic as they order in bulk for Ford vehicles in the locality. No matter whether you drive a second-hand car or a new one, whether the car is under warranty or not, the independent dealers can always help you out.

The advantages include a greater discount on car parts, especially if you have a cordial relationship and the same manufacturer guarantee as a franchised dealer offers. The disadvantages are that they might charge you extra for the import of the Ford car parts from the authorized dealer and you might not be able to raise a complaint in case the parts are substandard as duplicate parts are often circulated.

Manufacturer of Ford Parts

Those who have a ford are aware of the manufacturing parts of the car. Only authorized dealers have the authority to fix and replace the parts of the car. Repairing a car may be possible but in the case of ford car parts, it is necessary to contact the dealers who have the authority. No spare parts are available at once, and so you have to wait for few days for the parts to be replaced after ordering or complaining about the problems or issues in the unique car parts.

Ford has been one of the oldest parts with the most highly rated and expensive cars. This is the reason the owners have to handle the issues or problems hiring the authorized dealers for ford car parts.

Zoe Sewell
Zoe Sewell
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