3 Practical Tips For Saving Money When You Are Travelling

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Budget travel is all about being smart. You don't need to give up on seeing the things you want to see simply because you are on a shoe string budget. Its amazing how many people travel the world but end up seeing nothing because its too expensive or their budget won't allow it. What's the point of traveling to Rome if you can't afford to see the Sistine Chapel? The real purpose of budget travel for me is to cut unnecessary expenses and focus completely on those things you want to spend money on.

its all about being smart with your funds and avoiding all those unnecessary and unexpected expenses that always shows up when you travel abroad. Her are 3 practical tips saving when traveling abroad on a shoestring budget. www.travelfornewcouples.com

1. Book In Advance

By booking as much as possible well in advance you can save a lot. The advantage of booking hotels, travel and even events or museums in advance is that you can book it online at considerable discounts. Turning up on the day will probably be the most expensive option and you will often be met with unexpected expenses.

2. Food


Food is an essential part of experiencing a country. Many say that a culture is reflected in its food and its something that really makes a trip worthwhileq. The problem is that eating out in restaurants can get very expensive and it can eat up as much as 30% of your total ravel budget. The secret is to save on meals whenever you can and to limit eating out as much as possible. Real local food is often not that expensive, but fancy restaurants that cater to tourists are. If you stay in a hotel that offers breakfast, stack up in the morning and find a cheap lunch from a local supermarket. this will allow you to eat very well in the evenings and soak up some of the local flavors.

3. Package Deal

If you think that package deals are for retired couples traveling in groups, think again. There are so many travel packages available online and all it really is, is to allow you to group different parts of your trip together and to get a discount.
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Combining air travel with hotels is very common and there are some great bargains to pick up. You can even look into things like getting season rail passes or museum passes - depending on what the focus of your trip will be.