Monday, October 2, 2023
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3 Professional Credentials as an Ace up the Sleeve

Around the world, there are almost 25 million websites which use Google Analytics to make their way through the heaps of data that get stored in their data centers HDD and SSD. Even Fortune 500 companies use the analytics platform to get their facts right. Literally.

Getting your head around the facts for useful information is a tedious task. Only the experts in the fields can do the task for a great satisfaction of others. Only right professional credentials from the best credentialing organization will ensure you are a pro at Google Analytics. Here are the best ones presented for you to ponder about:

Analytics Academy, Google Inc.: The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) costs your pocket a meager $50 and adds to your intelligence, several aspects of the analytics platform.

The Analytics Academy which is an educational arm of the powerhouse helps you do it easily. It is free for your discretion of the perusal of basic web analytics aspects. To crack the difficult GAIQ test, the academy offers you three courses. The digital analytics fundamentals where the important digital analytics concepts are learned. It results in a better grasp of the strategic plans for the transformation of organizational benefits from digital marketing.

The course is segmented into six units including key metrics, setting up a basic filter, the collection of campaign data, and reporting. There are video tutorials, activities based on the lesson, text-based content, and assessment exam. Additionally, there are links to be leveraged to successfully complete the test in the first attempt. For another attempt at the test, you are required to make an additional payment of $50.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification Test Preparation, Alison: With Alison, practicing web analytics is easy and free. The GAIQ test by Analytics Academy is laid out in 25 topics by Alison.

These topics cover a wide spectrum of lessons on setup, campaign tracking, traffic sources, cookies, custom reporting, and metrics-analysis. Video tutorials are handy for the convenient navigation of user interface and easy installation of JavaScript code into the website to allow Google traffic-traction.

The video further instructs on the implementation of complex tasks such as advanced segmentation to monitor the effects of users and their activities on the campaign. A final assessment test is the final step between you and the certification from a credentialing organization. The ads act as an attention-diverting medium which can be avoided with $42 account upgrade for removal of ads from videos and $105 for a total ad-free experience.        

Introduction to Google Analytics, NetCom Learning: Available at $999, they make a master of you in mere two days. You just need to give 16 hours for in-depth knowledge and insights into the course. Divided across six topics the course covers a wide spectrum of topics from creating google analytics account to the configuration of settings to the management of multiple accounts to analyzing and managing traffic across multiple reports.

Get these professional credentials from any credentialing organization now!

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