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3 Reasons Why Office Supplies Persist in the Age of Smartphones

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It is common for people nowadays to have what they need right on their smartphones: maps, music, planners -- you name it, there is probably an app for it. But even though people are widely using smartphones in this day and age, office materials like Winc stationery continue to be relevant and will probably be relevant in the years to come. Here are the reasons why some office supplies stand the test of time.

  1. Stationery Supplies Are Timeless

Office supplies are among the things that do not necessarily weigh that much on a person's conscience. Case in point, between a smartphone and a stapler, people would likely mourn for the smartphone than the stapler. However, office supplies are essential in everyday life. In school, work, or business, people use pens, paper, and planners to organise their schedules, write down notes, print agreements, and more. 

Without realising it, people are highly dependent on these office supplies for the littlest action that they do. Office supplies are also more accessible to the older generation who sometimes have trouble with their phones: they can easily write down information and reminders without the hassle of configurations. 

  1. Creates Room for Creativity

Every piece of artwork owes its character two things: the artist's imagination, and the equipment or materials used. Usually, artists, designers, and writers make their first draft before the actual artwork. People often create their first draft using a simple pen and paper.

Paper clips and sticky notes are mostly the go-to stationery supplies for the arts. For instance, animators use sticky notes and turn them into flipbooks, and paper clips can be used for a variety of things (mostly for life hacks). 

For more experimental artists, stationery materials such as clips and staple wires are turned into sculptures. With the right amount of imagination and help from these Winc stationery supplies, creating art can be enjoyable. 

Pens, of course, are vital to making art. Comics artists use felt-tip pens and inks to create a visual novel while casual artists usually prefer ballpoint pens for a quick sketch of a portrait or a landscape. 

Like pens, illustrators also use markers for drawing -- graffiti artists are known to tag walls and do murals with thick markers. Meanwhile, scissors are also important in creating arts and crafts, usually for making cards, wrapping gifts, etc. 

  1. Organised Workplace, Organised Life

In a highly-competitive business environment, people are expected to print various documents, write letters, and collate data. As replaceable as they may seem, stationery supplies can help gather and organise documents, receipts, and other important files for the business. 

These supplies will also be extra helpful for people who run their business on their own such as freelancers. Aside from the fact that these office supplies are cheap, a disorganised business can lose a lot when they are not organised: files, invoices, and even clients. 

Imagine a busy and competitive world without these products. For sure, it will be chaotic and may cause discrepancies and will make industries nonproductive. It is also important to note that although there are new technologies that are introduced to minimise workplace clutter, it will be difficult to get rid of the simplicity and the effectivity of traditional office supplies.

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