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3 Reasons Why You Need a Commercial Real Estate Developer For Your New Office Space

As a property owner, you have a lot of things to deal with at all times. You want your properties to remain as valuable as possible, but you want to spend as little money as possible doing so. This creates a problem, as your buildings need constant upkeep to retain their value. So, what if you both retain value and increase it? That is what commercial real estate developers are for. Not only do they add monetary value to your properties, but they also make them more enjoyable overall. Here are three reasons why you should work with a real estate developer.

1. Enjoyment

When you own a building, it is important for the people who regularly use your building to be satisfied with their experiences. By nature of what commercial real estate development is used for, it makes people more satisfied in general. When people have more advanced amenities at their disposal, they are more satisfied. Thankfully, this is one instance when you do not have to sacrifice comfort for quality. People should be satisfied with many of your improvements. A few specific fixes that are fairly common for commercial buildings are listed below.

  • Most real estate developers work on new buildings rather than existing ones, and they serve as an overseer of the whole project.

  • While construction is different from real estate development, sometimes developers oversee construction projects as well.

  • The way the public views your building is vital to its success, so some developers may try to use advertising to boost public perception.

  • The feel and environment of a building are incredibly important, so developers are often responsible for crafting that vision.

  • It is the real estate developer's job to know the city he or she works in and do his or her best to fit the building into the city.

2. Profits

Whether you love it or hate it, money is the most influential tool in the decisions that commercial businesses make. If you are considering hiring or becoming a real estate developer, you have likely already accepted that fact and are looking to increase your profits in whatever ways you can. These developers know about all sorts of strategies and loopholes to get the best prices and returns possible. Sometimes, they have to work with hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars, so it is a huge responsibility. Here are a few basic strategies that they use.

  • Developers need to find creative ways and spaces to rent out to tenants to make back the money they spend as quickly as possible.

  • This can include creating multiple rentable areas from one larger area.

  • They can also buy unused land and develop that land in whatever way they think will ultimately be most profitable.

  • If they are dealing with large plots of land, they can hire teams of people to work under them to perform specific services.

  • Obviously, intense budgeting skills are necessary when dealing with such large sums of money, so the developers must assume responsibility.

3. Experience

Depending on your perspective, the most valuable thing that can come out of real estate development is the experience you gain along the way. The entire process of real estate development is one giant lesson in project management. For many people, these projects are the largest they will ever manage, but some people will go on to lead even larger and more important projects. The education required and the experience gained are both immense, so there is a high reward for anyone involved. Here are some examples of the experience that you can gain from real estate development.

  • There is a specific type of license that is required for real estate developers before they can officially practice.

  • There are several college majors that could lead to a career in real estate development, such as communication, leadership, business, architecture, and more.

  • Project management of this magnitude is great for job and resume experience because it shows how creative, assertive, and organized you can be.

  • Some people use experience in this field as entrepreneurial experience because of how much control you have over all the variables.

  • Depending on your individual project, you can learn about many different areas of professional experience.


Commercial real estate developers are some of the most well-rounded people in terms of professionalism. When you are dealing with such large projects and immense sums of money, the sense of responsibility that you feel helps you quickly grow into a professional setting. Even if your main goal is to turn a profit, you cannot deny and should not downplay everything else that real estate development can offer you. The satisfaction of your tenants, the profits you turn, and the experiences you gain are only the beginning of everything that you can gain from an occupation of this magnitude.

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