3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Viraclean Disinfectant


Contrary to healthcare experts’ expectations, the risks of acquiring the deadly coronavirus continue to grow rather than drop. And this is despite the availability of vaccines to establish herd immunity. The coronavirus also continues to mutate, acquiring genetical changes to ensure its survival. 

The World Health Organization continues to encourage people to follow standard health protocols despite the availability of vaccines. It includes social distancing, practising good respiratory etiquette, and frequent hand washing, among others. 

In the absence of soap and running water, a hand sanitiser is the best alternative. One effective product is Viraclean Disinfectant, a hospital-grade cleaning and disinfecting agent. Opting for high-quality solutions is the key to preventing germs and viruses from attaching themselves to surfaces. Given are the three major benefits of using this disinfectant product:

    1. Kills Bacteria, Germs, and Viruses Quickly

Not all sanitisers and disinfectants are created equal. Available market products contain varying alcohol degrees which affects their overall efficacy. When looking for a strong disinfecting agent, it is always recommended to buy products with higher disinfection levels. 


A hospital-grade disinfecting agent passes the HLD levels, killing vegetative microorganisms, lipid and non-lipid viruses, mycobacteria, and fungal spores. Using a hospital-grade disinfectant is a good way of protecting ourselves and keeping our environment free from harmful agents. 

HDL disinfectants like Viraclean have a sterilising capacity stronger than most products in the market. It can be used as a cleaning or a disinfecting agent to effectively destroy bacterial and viral genome. 

    2. Viraclean Has an Aromatic Lemon Fragrance

Lemon has been widely accepted to promote health because of its therapeutic scent. While most disinfectants are manufactured with their original scent, Viraclean is designed to stimulate your mind and nasal passages. 

In aromatherapy, the fruity scent of lemon boosts mental awareness and increases productivity. Unlike most disinfectants with a suffocating smell, products like ViraClean won’t leave you gasping for air.

When shopping for a quality disinfectant or sanitising agent, it is always essential to buy one that provides all the benefits without the disgusting smell. Using the Viraclean Disinfectant in your home or healthcare facility won’t leave the stinging odours in your clothes. The aromatic smell of lemon leaves your indoor environment with a fresh and sterile ambience.  

    3. ViraClean Passed the TGA Assessment Standards 

The efficacy rate of Viraclean products underwent rigorous testing under Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administrations. It means components were assessed to make sure that they live up to industry standards. 

As a consumer, what this means from your end is its effectiveness in keeping your environment sterile and safe. A TGA assessed medical product ensures that it does what it says. Ready-to-use spray-on and pour-on Viraclean disinfectants contain the right ingredients that won’t harm your skin or make your indoors smell like bleach. 

ViraClean is also a hospital-grade disinfectant that can be used as a cleaning agent. It is a versatile antiseptic and sanitiser which can be used on floors and desks. Its TGA certification ensures that it will kill pathogens, including the coronavirus, from your living space. 

Aside from the benefits mentioned above of ViraClean, probably one of the worth-mentioning advantages of using the disinfectant is that it is wholly produced in Australia. ViraClean is a family-owned business that aims to provide affordable and quality disinfectants to the locals.

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