3 Side Hustles to Try in 2022


Another year, another dollar! Making extra money will always be topical regardless of the time. 2022 is around the corner (it might be here by the time you read this), but it’s no different from 2021 in many respects. You want to boost your income, and you want to find ways to do it without quitting your job.

As per usual, there are strategies you can implement to launch a remote business from anywhere in the world with hardly any capital. Here are the most popular ones for 2022.

Affiliate Marketing

If it isn’t broken, you shouldn’t try and fix it. That’s the case with affiliate marketing, since the sector is showing no signs of stopping. 2022 won’t be any different because the techniques affiliate programs use are evolving with the times, such as video content. Video is the king of content, and YouTube is the king of video with over one billion hours watched by over two billion global viewers – every single day! And those figures are only rising. 

Thanks to a YouTube affiliate marketing account, eligible YouTubers can leverage paid adverts to monetize their videos. Some are making an estimated £100,000 per vid, or over £20 million a year. You can get a slice of the action, too, as long as you have quality content to boost traffic and a robust YouTube affiliate marketing strategy in place to optimize your performance. Sure, you’ll start at the bottom, but when things go viral, influencers move up the ranks rapidly.

Meal Kits

The importance of fresh, home-cooked meals was highlighted in 2020 when the pandemic hit. However, it’s telling that the likes of HelloFresh are continuing to trend upwards as restrictions are lifted. For example, the company’s sales hit £2.5 billion in the first six months of 2021. Meal kit mania is here, and it’s here to stay since busy families and modern professionals don’t have the time to cook from scratch.


While you might struggle to compete with HelloFresh from the outset, the great thing about high-quality, home-cooked recipes is that they penetrate local markets. As long as they are tasty, people will recommend your service to their friends and family. If cooking is a regular part of your routine, it’s not too hard (or expensive) to make a bigger batch and sell the surplus.


Dropshipping isn’t a relatively new concept. It’s been around for around 10 years, which is a long time. At least, it’s long enough for companies to enter the market and bridge the gap for customers. The good news is that a boom in retail sales means the demand for shipping services is greater than ever. Online sales in 2020 increased by 32.1% compared to 6.9% for retail sales, for instance.

Not only does this mean the eCommerce industry is big, but it also reflects the fact it’s about to get bigger. By producing products and services people want yet that merchants don’t stock or own, you can make a killing as a third-party that saves the day by fulfilling orders.

These are only three examples of several you can select in 2022. Which side hustle will suit your lifestyle?

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