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3-Step Guide of How to Distribute Real Estate Postcards to your Ideal Clients

A well-designed postcard can effectively generate new leads for real estate agents. To create an attractive and practical postcard, use an agent's picture, contact details, and a brief description of their experience and recent sales. In addition, include some helpful information about their services, such as their current sales prices. An excellent real estate postcard will also contain relevant information for potential clients.

Ensure your postcards have professional images and text. Use design features if you want your real estate postcards to really stand out. You can upload your logo and brand colors to create a branded look and have an edge over competition. Here are the 3 steps to distributing real estate cards to your ideal clients.

Send direct mail to clients

Whether you're sending out a simple postcard or a full-blown campaign, direct mail will help in marketing; it's an effective way to reach customers. In this way, you aim to hit your prospect when they are ready to take action. Send a free guide to prospective home buyers or a seller's information to their office offering a “free latte”.

Make the postcards more attractive by including a back design, having photos of your new properties. Use design templates to highlight the best features of upcoming properties that are ready to be sold. Include a neighborhood aerial view to further enhance marketing efforts.

Have an online mailing list

Have a mailing list of the current clients and the prospects and send mail when a new listing is in the market or luxury property with the best features is sold, the client knows. Consider having a photo of the agent and the property on the postcard. This way, prospective buyers can decide if the property they're interested in is the right one for them. Alternatively, a photo of the client's ideal house will do the job.

When designing a real estate postcard, remember to include your details. Prominently display the name of your business on the postcard. Aside from showing the property's name, your message should also include the brokerage's name and the agent's contact information. This way, the person will feel welcomed to contact you.

Use a mailing service

Choose a reliable and fast mailing service that offers excellent services. You need to ensure they provide bulk and first-class mailing for the urgent postcards, which is efficient and cost-effective. To help distribute the cards effectively.

Include an aerial view of the neighborhood to give prospective buyers a better idea of the neighborhood, an appealing home image, and the estate map.

How to choose who to distribute to

Generating new business can be daunting and frustrating without quality leads and a sound system to follow up effectively. A robust real estate lead generation system connects agents with serious home buyers. Build a pipeline with high-quality buyer leads and nurture relationships with follow-ups.

Identify prospective clients with highly targeted postcards that appeal to specific demographics. For instance, you could address a particular age group or a particular income range to increase your reach to a broader audience. To keep a good impression on potential clients, send postcards to promote your listing. You should include:

  • Your property listing.
  • Contact information.
  • Description of the property.
  • The agent's social media profile.

These tools will help you reach offline and online audiences—the marketing tool to drive your social media accounts traffic

How to reach a broader audience

Distribute the postcards at malls and specific geographic areas. For effective marketing, provide helpful information to prospective clients. Consider including a list of helpful tips, checklists, and local employers to increase your client base. If you're trying to build a brand name, this is a great way to build it. Postcards also help you maintain existing relationships with existing clients.

Now you’re ready to effectively distribute reality postcards

To attract more clients, create action-oriented call-to-action postcards, targeting first-time homebuyers while also retaining existing clients. Boost your business and clentile by customizing the services to individually suit your clients. For brand recognition, consider printing high-quality postcards. This will attract more potential clients. Ensure you add all the essential features to your real estate postcard to set yourself up for success.

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