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3 Strategies For Driving More Customers

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When you own a store it is important that you have a look and feel that is inviting and welcoming.  You want it to be organized, neat and clean as well as have a great layout and proper pricing and signage.  Your retail design is an important step that you really need to put some thought into as well.   This will help drive more foot traffic through the door.  You will need to take a look at both the outside of the store as well as the inside.  The signs outside and inside are important too. 

Check your marketing

There are many reasons that people come to your location.  However, you might not understand those reasons.  This means that you should offer a survey in exchange for a % off or something.  This will allow you some insights on who is shopping with you and why.  Sometimes as a business owner, what we think, is completely wrong.  So, be sure that you fully understand who your market is.  And, with that said, having surveys can help you narrow that down some. You need to really look at all the elements of your brand with a naked eye.  Go in with a clear mind and look at the hard numbers.  Track your sales and the time of your sales.  When you understand your target market it is easier to market to them.  You can advertise online and in social media groups better and more effective when you know who you are marketing too.

Retail Design

Once you have the audience figured out and you start to market, you will see more foot traffic, hopefully, but that doesn't always mean more buyers.  You need to have a retail design that is open and friendly as well as modern. 

Check your retail design.  There are several things you need to check.  These are:

  • Engaging
  • Social and Open
  • Focused
  • Easy
  • Continuously Evolving

Engaging in something that grabs your customer's attention and that they can engage with others.  Using an agency like CIP Retail to help with your retail design can help to make sure you are not overlooking anything.  Always have an engaging environment.  If you see someone pick something up, for example, tell them positive things about the object.  Maybe you too liked that particular product, maybe you know a fun fact or engage with them on a personal level, such as a compliment.  An engaging environment makes them feel welcome and liked.

Social and Open is important as people don't like to be in long aisles that are dark and have products from the floor to the ceiling.  But, they are more likely going to shop in something that is more modern and open.  Having proper lighting is also a must.

A focused shop should be built around your customers' underlying needs.  These may be needs they don't even know they have. 

It needs to be easy to navigate and find things.  It should also be easy to make a purchase and get in and out fast. More and more people are turning to purchase things online rather than going to a store because it is easy. 

Continuously evolving is important as it keeps them coming back to see the new products and services that you offer.  Also, sales and promotions are another way that it can be continuously evolving.  Decor for upcoming holidays works as well as changing the store around.

Retail design encompasses all of this to help improve your sales.

Design your Store for Sales

Last but not least, design your store for sales.  It is not an accident that there is candy and other trinkets for sale by the registers at most grocery stores. 

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